Box art - Fortnite

A Quick List of Gameplay and Progression Tips for Fortnite

Fortnite is a game unlike anything else in 2017. Because of that, a lot of players have trouble getting used to the game, and surviving once the difficulty ramps up.

Below are some great tips for getting ahead:

  • Lobber projectiles can be shot out of the air.
  • Propane tanks can be detonated and if one falls on your traps, you can hit it with your pick and knock it away.
  • Adding Bluglo to mission objectives without activating it will reveal the storm direction.
  • Holding the reload button will craft the ammo appropriate to the weapon you’re holding.
  • A slanted wall makes a great ramp you can walk up, but mobs can’t.
  • You can take down self-built walls easily by editing it to the smallest size and hitting it while it’s remaking.
  • Always break garden gnomes. They have a chance to drop Active Powercells.
  • To break things super fast, hit the very corner. The sweet spots barely move.
  • Turn on your game audio because nearby chests will make shimmering noises.
  • Get the outlanders with skill “Keen Eyes” to see through walls onto loot.
  • Getting a friend to craft you a high level weapon can last you throughout the most of the game, making content easy.
  • Identical schematics can have different upgrade bonuses so they aren’t exactly duplicates.
  • When you evolve a blueprint, you change some of the material cost to craft. Don’t do this unless you’re ready to farm the superior materials.
  • If you abandon a daily quest, you get a new one back so it is more of a reroll than a forfeit.
  • Get friends to assist you on your Storm Shield defense missions to make them a breeze.

Good luck!