Which Is Better: New Nintendo 2DS XL or New Nintendo 3DS XL?

This Thursday the New Nintendo 2DS XL will hit store shelves. We were fortunate to receive an early unit of the device, so we figured we would quickly share the differences between these two handhelds before sharing our final verdict.

Below are a look at how the two devices compare. If you see something isn’t mentioned, it’s because both are the same in that regard (i.e. screen size and storage).


  • 2DS XL – $149.99
  • 3DS XL – $199.99

3D Support

  • 2DS XL – No.
  • 3DS XL – Yes.

AC Adapter Included

  • 2DS XL – Yes
  • 3DS XL – No.


  • 2DS XL – 6.4in x 6.3in x 0.8in when open, 3.4in x 6.3in x 0.8in when closed
  • 3DS XL – 6.78in x 6.3in x 0.8in when open, 3.7in x 6.3in x 0.8in when closed


  • 2DS XL – 9.2 ounces
  • 3DS XL – 11.6 ounces

While both the New Nintendo 2DS XL and New Nintendo 3DS XL are very similar, we’ve found that its higher quality build materials, lower price, and slightly smaller size makes it the better option of the two. The only reason you should consider the New Nintendo 3DS XL is if you plan to use 3D, and consider it a major selling feature.