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How to Beat Moltres in Pokémon Go

If you’re playing Pokémon Go, no doubt you’ve been scuffling with the latest Pokémon to be added to the roster of available raid monsters. Moltres is out there waiting for you to run to it and beat it down so you can net experience points and a brand new Legendary Bird, but the way is a little murky. Aside from brute force, you’ll need to employ certain strategies to give yourself the upper hand. Before you know it, you’ll be pocketing the Legendary Pokémon with ease. No sweat.

Track Down Moltres

First of all, to beat Moltres you’re going to need to find one. Make sure you’ve got a Raid Pass at your disposal and head out to find a Legendary Raid wherever one is available. You’ll have to keep an eye out for these, as their locations and times will vary. Keep checking around familiar haunts until you’ve found a Legendary Raid with Moltres around. You’ll need a Raid Pass to get in, so make sure you have enough at your disposal so that you miss out on a big battle at an inopportune time.

Start The Battle

You’ll be fighting alongside several other trainers to take out Moltres, so you don’t have to face the battle alone, but there are things you can do to tilt the fight in your favor. Gather several powerful trainers to go in with you and make sure you cover Moltres’ weaknesses, which are rock, electric, and water. If you’ve got a few of those Pokémon handy and they’re at decent levels, you should be able to leverage their attacks and use monsters like Vaporeon or Golem to maximize the impact you have on the battle. Make sure everyone you recruit to fight with you follows the same kind of pattern if at all possible.

Catch the Pokémon

When the battle is over, you’ll be given a chance to capture it. Make sure you utilize your newly-acquired Golden Razz Berries and utilize this special Premier Ball throw for when it’s time to try and capture Moltres. With a little luck and some skill, you’ll bag Moltres right away. Make sure you take the time out to capture all of the other Legendary Birds out there as well to complete your collection. You’ll use essentially the same techniques as with Moltres, except for different Pokémon to do the deed.