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How to Level Up Fast and Unlock More Perks in Dead by Daylight

The asymmetrical PVP survival game Dead by Daylight revolves entirely around its commitment to customization from the survivor or killer you choose to the clothes you wear to even your loadout. By far, the most important feature, however, are perks. Perks are gained solely by the usage of bloodpoints, a mix between in-game currency and experience points.

These bloodpoints are the key to gaining new perks, leveling up, unlocking new perk slots, and so forth; a back-and-forth cycle that can be overwhelming from a glance but is actually rather simple in execution. Dead by Daylight periodically hosts special, limited time events that are the best for getting your bloodpoint action on.

At the time of this publishing, a triple bloodpoint weekend is happening, offering triple the points for everything that you do. With the long-awaited console release of the Halloween DLC coming later this month, it is certain that more of these events are sure to come. To get the most bang for your buck, we’re here to help you earn the most bloodpoints to level and gain new perks anytime.

Match Performance

dead by daylight bloodweb

It might seem obvious to say, but how well you do in a match will determine just how many bloodpoints you gain per match. Thankfully, these points are shared between all of your survivors and killers, so it encourages having favorites. The quickest way is playing as the killer, despite them not needing perks as much. This is because it’s straightforward and much easier to get a win as the killer, with every win granting a bonus that can then be turned around and utilized effectively for your survivor.

But for those that don’t want to play as the killer, you need to make every second of the match count-even if you lose-because everything you do in a match gives you more points. This includes:

  • Struggling
  • Cleansing totems
  • Healing injured players
  • Repairing generators
  • Running from the killer
  • Teaming up with other survivors
  • Successfully surviving the match

Dead by Daylight also has Daily Rituals that can be completed for major bloodpoint rewards. These are essentially daily quests that can be accessed by pressing left on the D-Pad at the lobby screen. Rituals vary day to day, such as: escape using a specific character three times, using a perk ability two times in a match, etc.

Spinning a Web

The game doesn’t really explain what to do with the bloodpoints once you’ve earned them. It isn’t a simple “gain this many and then level up” like in other online games. Instead, it is a much more involved experience. While in the lobby, you go to the Bloodweb and there you will find a skill tree that you can spend your hard-earned points on. The completely randomized web includes offerings like gaining 25% more bloodpoints, items, and perks. Once you’ve unlocked every slot on that particular web, you level up and another random Bloodweb is given to you. It takes anywhere from 3-5 matches to fill out an entire Bloodweb.

Getting Perky

dead by daylight perks

Almost every Bloodweb is guaranteed to have at least one perk to unlock, so gaining those are a breeze. Unfortunately, at the start you are only able to equip one perk at a time. This changes as you level up:

  • Level 15- Two Perks at once
  • Level 20- Three Perks
  • Level 25- Four Perks

The game doesn’t notify you once your extra perk slots are unlocked, so it’s important to remember to go to the loadout screen and add new perks once available.