Tacoma – Where to Find All of the Mini-Games

Walking simulators like Tacoma are known for being short in length so that they can tell a tight, film-like narrative. While Tacoma clocks in at around three to four hours in length, that didn’t stop the developer Fullbright Games from incorporating secrets, easter eggs, and even optional mini-games for you to encounter.

These mini-games aren’t just a cute addition to distract you for a brief second, but are complete enough to keep you coming back and taking turns with the controller/keyboard in an attempt to outperform a friend or partner on the couch with you. Below, you’ll find all of the mini-games that are featured in Tacoma, and where to find them.

Shooting Hoops

Right at the start of the game, your character will go through the Hub where there is zero gravity, causing you to float around. On one of the spinning walls, you can find two opposing basketball hoops with a scoreboard keeping track of both hoops.

When you find the hoops initially, there is already a score on the board, but Fullbright thought ahead and you can reset it back to zero to allow for repeated play. Taking turns with a friend in game of H.O.R.S.E. or simply trying to record the coolest zero-G trick shots are just a few of things you can do with this included basketball mini-game.


From the very moment you enter the Tacoma, you will see homemade signs pointing you towards an annual party the crew was going to throw. If you follow the signs, it will eventually lead you to the lounge complete with decorations.

On the wall, you will find a dartboard complete with darts for you to practice throwing. This area has artificial gravity and the game has realistic physics for the darts, so you can enjoy a mostly accurate game of darts here.


playing pool tacoma

In the same lounge area as the darts mini-game, you will find a pool table that has a full set of balls that can be set, pockets for the balls to fall into, and pool sticks to play it with.

Like darts, there are realistic physics to the pool mini-game, so it is possible to set the balls and take turns shooting pool with a friend. When the balls go into the pockets, simply check the slots on either side of the pool table to find the balls for resetting the game.