How to Download Monster Hunter XX Switch Japanese Demo

We recently laid out how exactly to make yourself a Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop account. Surprisingly, Nintendo has made this a very simple process to accomplish for fans that are impatient for a new release or frustrated at the lack of localization for a specific game. Right off the bat of publishing that guide, Capcom has released a Japanese-only demo of Monster Hunter XX for Switch.

Since the game has not even been officially announced for a Western release and there’s not really any story to consume in the game, it is perfect for a quick download using your Japanese eShop account. If you have not made your account yet, stop reading this and go do so right now using the above link. If you do have one made, awesome! Here’s how you can download the Monster Hunter XX Japanese demo on Switch:

How to Download

  • From the Switch home screen, access the eShop icon
  • Select the Japanese user that you created
  • Select the third tab on the left side of the screen (it’s Coming Soon in case you were wondering what it means)
  • Choose the Monster Hunter XX icon
  • Select the first option on the right side to download the demo (second one will add it to your wishlist)
  • Return to the home screen and wait for it to complete

Playing the Game

Monster Hunter XX Prowler

As for playing the game itself, there are several menus that you do have to get through to actually enjoy slaying some monsters. We’re not going to leave you hanging, so here is what you need to do to quickly get into playing the game:

  • Upon opening the game (with any user), you will be asked a question with two options (yes or no). Select the left one
  • The start menu has three options to choose: singleplayer, local multiplayer, and the trailer
  • Then choose whichever of the three monster quests you want to go on
  • Select one of the 15 different weapon classes
  • Then select the fighting style for that class (feel free to experiment!)
  • Choose the left response (yes) to the question that pops up
  • Then choose the only option on the screen to start your quest