Box art - The Elder Scrolls Legends

All of the Features Unique to The Elder Scrolls: Legends

For every card game, there are a million different ways to play and lessons to learn. With the advent of Hearthstone and its overwhelming success, there’s no surprise to see many similar games like Shadowverse, Eternal, and of course, The Elder Scrolls: Legends.

Though there are quite a lot of similarities between Hearthstone and Legends, such as an ever-increasing mana pool, going into the addictive card-battling game with no idea of the major differences will have you at a significant disadvantage. Here are all of the unique features that you will find in The Elder Scrolls: Legends.

Card Attributes

Hearthstone and Shadowverse have their respective classes like Druid and Shadowcraft that define how you play as them in matches. The Elder Scrolls: Legends takes it a step further in true Elder Scrolls-fashion by attaching attributes to most cards and your deck. In a typical Elder Scrolls game, you choose a general class or main attributes that define how you play. That same concept is applied to Legends, too.

When you build a deck (or use a preexisting one), you choose two attributes of the five-Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, Agility, and Endurance-that define what your deck will be. Your specific combination of attributes determines what your character’s class will be when using that deck. The ten possible classes themselves designate what type of cards you are able to use, as you are unable to use cards that aren’t neutral or aligned with your two current attributes.

Ring of Magicka

Experienced card-battling players will know that many games offer a few advantages to going second in a match, and Legends is no different in that regard, but it is rather unique in its implementation. If you go on the second turn, you are granted a Ring of Magicka.

This ring bestows upon you one extra magicka (think mana) point for that round only. The ring can be used up to three times, meaning you can gain an extra magicka point for summoning cards in three different turns. This is extremely beneficial for both catching up to the player who went first and surpassing them when utilized correctly.


The Elder Scrolls Legends card evolution

The dedicated singleplayer campaign will have you making various choices throughout the multi-chapter story. This same level of choice applies to your individual cards as well. As you level up through the story and challenging other players, you will have certain cards in your deck evolve into more powerful cards with more useful abilities.

Other times, you will be given the option of what you want your card to evolve into. This could mean deciding between one card that has a much stronger attack and health, and another that might be less powerful, but can attack on the first turn it is played. These unique evolutions will occur frequently throughout your journey to the current max level of 50.

Double Danger

Typically, a card game like this one features all of your cards on the same playing field as you battle for control and the most damage to your opponent’s health. Though that is the similar in Legends, you are dealing with essentially two different fields (or lanes) instead of one.

This causes the game to become more MOBA-esque, with your focus being divided between two different lanes. Cards on one lane aren’t able to attack the other lane and vice versa. This essentially doubles the strategy element of the game and makes thinking ahead much more challenging to accomplish.