Box art - StarCraft: Remastered

StarCraft: Remastered Cheat Codes

Just like the original, StarCraft: Remastered features a full list of cheat codes. These allow you to give yourself a huge edge in single-player in a variety of ways. Though, they can’t be used in multiplayer, so when you face real opponents you’re going to have to rely on skill.

To enter a cheat code, simply press ‘Enter’ and then type in the cheat before pressing ‘Enter’ again. This is the same process for typing to other players in multiplayer, but it functions for cheats, too.

Below is the full list of cheats which you can use at anytime.

  • show me the money: Gain 10,000 Minerals and Gas
  • whats mine is mine:  Gain 500 Minerals
  • breathe deep: Gain 500 Vespene Gas
  • medieval man: Unlock all research abilities
  • modify the phase variance: Skip tech tree and build anything
  • protoss# (# = mission number you want): Protoss level skip
  • black sheep wall: Reveal map
  • terran# (# = mission number you want): Terran level skip
  • zerg# (# = mission number you want): Zerg level skip
  • staying alive: Continue playing after a win
  • ophelia: Enable mission select
  • noglues: Enemy can’t use psionic storm
  • operation cwal: Faster building for you and A.I.
  • the gathering: No cost for unit abilities
  • something for nothing: No cost for upgrades
  • game over man: Instantly lose a mission
  • there is no cow level: Instantly win a mission
  • power overwhelming: Invincible units
  • war aint what it used to be: No fog of war
  • food for thought: Break the 200 Supply limit

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