Flippy Knife – Cheats, Tips, and Tricks to Earning Coins Quickly

Flippy Knife was updated this week, removing adds, adding new weapons, and even knives to one of the most popular mobile games. With this, many players have decided to try out the game for their first time.

While a simple game, Flippy Knife has some unexplained systems that you’ll want to take advantage of, especially when grinding for more coins. Below are some tips and tricks.


  • Watch the guiding line as you aim the knife. This indicates where the knife will land, and is a huge part of being efficient with your throws.
  • Your goal should be to fill the Combo Bar, which will earn you coins.
  • Coins can be spent on new knives and a variety of other weaponry.
  • We recommend heavy weapons for Target Mode, while small weapons are best for Arcade and Climb.
  • Note that different weapons have various qualities, including weight. Make sure to pay attention to these characteristics.
  • You may want to play  Target Mode to become familiar with the fundamental gameplay mechanics.
  • There is a Badge section where you can earn achievements to earn coins even more quickly. This is one of the key ways to progress as fast as possible.

Good luck!