Full Throttle Remastered Cheats

Full Throttle Remastered, just like the original release, has a few smaller cheats that will act as bonuses or shortcuts in one area or another. Given that the game is single-player, there is no concern about gaining any unfair advantages. So use these to your liking:

Auto-Win Demolition Derby or the Biker Fight

At any point during the Demolition Derby, if you simply hit SHIFT+V, you will automatically win. Similarly, the same entry can be used to automatically win the Biker Fight by hitting SHFIT+V when the fight starts.

Queue Ending Credits

To queue the ending credits (though this won’t make you beat the game), simply hit SHIFT+W at any point during the game.

Trick to Play the Knife Game

After you leave Melonweed and find yourself at a bar, you’ll see a man playing a knife game called Five Finger Fillet. At first, he will be rather insistent that you beat it, but he will actually let you play the game with him if you continue asking him.