Box art - Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – How to Solve All Puzzles (Fountain, Shadow, etc.)

There are four puzzles that you will encounter during your adventure in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. These range greatly in difficulty, and although hints are available, sometimes it’s best to hop online to get help with a certain step but figuring out the rest on your own.

Below you will find a guide to each of the four main puzzles.

Act 4 – Fountain Switches

In the spuzzle you need to run across server switches to active fountains in the area. This is timed, so you’ll want to quickly complete the route.

Initially, you want to grab the branch near you and swing your way to the taller of the two towers in front of you. You then want to grab another branch and swing to the ruin.

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From here, you need to swing across several branches in a row. You’ll be able to knock out the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth fountains in quick succession by quickly locating the corresponding branches to swing from.

The sixth fountain is tucked away from the others. You’ll want to head toward the center then head out across from the fifth fountain to find it.

Once complete, head to the center to finish the puzzle.

Act 4 – Axe Statues

When at the Northern area of Act 4 you’ll come across the Axe Statue puzzle. This consists of three rooms with pillars that must be jumped across in order. Below are the orders:

  • Room #1: Start -> Forward -> Forward -> Right -> Forward -> Left -> Back -> Forward -> Left -> Forward -> Forward -> Complete
  • Room #2: Start -> Forward -> Right -> Left -> Forward -> Left -> Forward -> Left -> Forward -> Right -> Forward -> Forward -> Complete
  • Room #3: Forward -> Forward -> Right -> Left -> Right -> Right -> Forward -> Right -> Forward -> Right -> Forward -> Left -> Right -> Left -> Left -> Forward -> Forward -> Complete

Act 4 – Horse Emblems

Located at the Northwest section of the map, this puzzle

First, you’ll need to turn the outside ring to retrieve the missing sections to the left before depositing it on the right.

Second, you’ll want to move the middle and outer rings so you can place the second section in the middle ring from the left side. Afterward, put the outer ring section from the right to the left, and deposit the middle ring section on the right, and lastly deposit the outer ring section at the right side.

Place the inside ring section from the left. Collect the outer ring section toward the right side and put it in on the left. This allows you to collect the middle ring on the right side. Once you collect the outer ring section you’ll be done.

Act 5 – The Shadow

The cool thing about this puzzle is there’s a trophy to be earned for completing it in 10 moves. We’re going to tell you the sequence for doing so.

  • 1. Northwest corner, third switch
  • 2. Southeast corner, second switch
  • 3. Southwest corner, first switch
  • 4. Southeast corner, third switch
  • 5. Southwest corner, third switch
  • 6. Northeast corner, second switch
  • 7. Southeast corner, third switch
  • 8. Northwest corner, second switch
  • 9. Northeast corner, second switch

That wraps up all the puzzles in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Good luck!