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What To Do If Your Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Beta Code Isn’t Working

If, like several other eager gamers across the world, you received a code for the closed beta of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, you’re no doubt eager to get started and kicking butt, Final Fantasy style. So what’s an eager gamer to do when they input their code and find out that it’s invalid? Don’t worry, because that’s just going to make things worse.

It’s not time to take to forums and start lighting them up with complaints, and you haven’t just been kicked out of the beta or anything like that. We’ve got the lowdown on what’s going on and what you can do to enter the beta so you can fight with your favorite Final Fantasy characters and all will be right with the world. It’s nothing difficult, we promise.

Why your Dissidia Final Fantasy NT beta code isn’t working

First and foremost, the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT beta doesn’t actually begin in full until Friday, August 25 at 9 PM PST/12 AM EST. So if you’re getting your code in via email and then eagerly inputting the code hoping to get started with the closed beta, you might be getting an error code that it’s simply invalid. Now, that doesn’t mean your code won’t ever work or that you’ve got to worry about it kicking you out of the game.

What’s happening is you’re trying to redeem the code on the PlayStation Network before the actual code is ready for you. Make sure you hang onto the code, wait until the beta has actually begun, and then then try it again. When the time has come, just head back into the area of PlayStation Network and enter your code again. It should go through without a hitch if you try to enter the code during the hours that the closed beta will be toking place.

The beta will be available to download all the way up to Friday, September 1 for you to download and then the beta itself will end on Sunday, September 3. You’ve got plenty of time to get started and play over the weekend and for a good week to try out the characters, so if you’ve been waiting for quite some time to dig into the new fighting game, rest assured that you’ve got a lot of strategies and favorite characters to learn before the game is sent out to the masses when it releases later this year.