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Here’s When You Can Start Playing the Destiny 2 PC Beta

Destiny 2 may have already had its console beta debut previously, but now PC players are getting their turn at trying the game out ahead of its launch. The game is launching for PC in October after the Destiny 2 console debut in September, so you’ve got a little longer to wait if you’re picking up the game on launch, but at the very least you’ve got a beta to look forward to in the interim.

But when can you expect to be able to play? We’ve got all the details you need to ensure you can get in as early as possible to the Destiny 2 PC beta, so you’re not left in the cold as far as getting to know the new world Bungie has crafted with the rest of your PC-maining brethren.

When The Destiny 2 PC Beta Starts

You can expect the Destiny 2 PC beta to start on August 28, but you can begin preloading the beta beginning on August 25 at the following times, based on your time zone:

  • 10 AM PDT (August 25)
  • 1 PM EDT (August 25)

So while the actual beta doesn’t start until August 28, you can go ahead and grab the beta program you need on PC and have it all preloaded and ready to go for when the action starts.

This will work only if you preordered, however, so make sure you’ve done so before trying to download the PC beta. You’ll be able to head into your app, which is free to download from, and opt to install Destiny 2 from the launcher. From there, you can keep the program on your computer until time to play the game proper. This is the same launcher you use to play games like World of Warcraft and Overwatch as well, so it should be pretty accessible, especially if you use Blizzard games on PC often.

Unfortunately, there aren’t currently any specific preload times to adhere to, but you should be fine if you go ahead and download the game now, so you’ll be ahead of the curve. When you do get access to the beta, you’ll be able to explore a good chunk of content as well as multiplayer missions, as well as tweaked matchmaking and other improvements done specifically to augment the PC version.

Destiny 2 is launching for PC on October 24, while the console versions on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 debut on September 6. You’ve got just enough time to get ready to jump in, Guardians, when it comes to console, but nearly two months left before you can get your Destiny on with PC versions.