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Destiny 2 – How to Redeem PC Beta Key

By now you might have received a nine-digit Destiny 2 PC beta code. Given that the PC version will run on, the redemption steps are mildly complicated. Don’t worry, we have your back.

Below are the official steps for redeeming a PC beta key:

  1. PC beta codes can be redeemed through through the Destiny Code Redemption Form. Players will need to be signed into a valid account to finish the code redemption process.
  2. Select PC as your platform of choice and then you will be given a code, or you will be asked to return later once codes are available.
  3. After getting your code, go to to redeem.
  4. You must download the beta to your PC via®, Blizzard Entertainment’s online gaming service.
  5. Play the early-access beta beginning August 28 at 10 a.m. Pacific.

Although above are the official steps, they are missing a key detail that many PC gamers are stuck on: retrieving the unlock code.

To get your code, you need to log in on Then, click your avatar on the top-right of the website, and select ‘View Profile’. After selecting the “Codes” tab, you’ll be able to view the menu below:


From here, click on the button to the far right of “Destiny 2 Beta” to unlock the code. Select “PC (Global)” as your option, and you should see the code pop up on the menu afterward.

The PC beta will begin on September 28th at 10:00PM PT.