The Letter – Chapter 4 Spoiler-free Walkthrough

We are officially at the midway point for the horror game The Letter. Switching from the first male protagonist Zachary in chapter three, we now go to the Scottish interior designer Marianne. By far the most unlikable main character thus far and, unfortunately, the lamest of the chapters to this point, we’ve got you covered so you can breeze right through as fast as possible to get to the good stuff.

Though it can be a chore to get through chapter four, it is relatively short in comparison to the rather lengthy first two chapters. However, Marianne’s chapter is unrelenting in its horror elements, dosing out some particularly gruesome and terrifying scenes that are certain to keep you up late at night.

This is also one of the points where your choices (of which there are quite a few hard ones) really start to matter, making your decisions that much more important and nerve-wracking. In fact, the several endings for Marianne’s portion of the story are vast and surprisingly different. Because of this, we’ve broken down each of the possible endings for you and found the best one that will set the groundwork for the second half of The Letter.

The Letter Chapter 4 Walkthrough

  • Choose option two: “Nothing, nevermind”
  • You have something to say?
  • Continue waiting
  • I just remembered something
  • Yes, it sounds fair
  • Check the ground floor
  • Try to lighten the mood
  • Go in
  • Ending 1 (of four total) Variant A