Box art - Call of Duty WWII

How to Get More Weapons and Equipment in the Call of Duty: WWII Private Beta

The first Call of Duty: WWII private beta session is ending today, but there’s another one coming up this weekend, which should allow you more opportunities to beat down the competition. One way you can do this is by unlocking additional weapons as you make your way through the ranks. If you don’t have the right guns for the job, you can kiss leveling up quickly and a decent K/D ratio goodbye. Here’s what you need to do to unlock more weapons, equipment and other perks. It’s pretty simple, but of course it’s going to require that you put some time into the game.

How to Unlock More Weapons and Equipment

As you play through the Call of Duty: WWII Private Beta and gain levels, you’ll receive tokens that allow you to unlock weapons, perks, scorestreaks, equipment, and more. You’ll receive a set of special item tokens as you play the game, level up, and complete objectives across the multiplayer games you participate in. These unlock tokens will open up one thing per token, so you’ve got to spend them wisely if there are several things you have your eye on.

Right now, since the beta is only just now starting up its second round, you’ll still be locked out of several different items as well. Some weapons are also locked behind a certain level, so you’ll have to keep playing regularly until you’ve gone beyond that particular weapon’s content wall, as it were. As you level up, however, you’ll get more tokens to open things up with, so save your tokens for the equipment you really want to unlock.

When the multiplayer beta continues, you’ll be able to level up to 25 as the cap will have been lifted, and this opens up the possibilities of accessing more weapons and equipment, such as the Bouncing Betty grenade. When the full game releases, you’ll be able to play with a similar unlock structure. Just make sure to keep making smart decisions about which items you get first, and try and match them to your unique play style.

Honestly, that’s the best way to get new weapons and other items, as you’ve got to keep continually earning them. With all that said, the best tip you can use is to keep playing game after game to get more. Just keep plugging away and eventually you’ll get what you’re aiming to unlock. That’s the idea of it, anyway!