Box art - Warriors All-Stars

Warriors All-Stars – Best Starter Characters

Like the beloved Pokemon series, you are faced with the ultimate choice the moment you boot up Warriors All-Stars: who are you going to pick to play as? This choice is surprisingly difficult to make for multiple reasons.

First, this isn’t your typical Warriors game. All-Stars has you fighting in familiar huge Musou battles against countless waves of enemies, but with the added selection of characters from across many of Koei Tecmo’s recognizable franchises.

You’ll see some blasts from the past like Ninja Gaiden’s Ryu Hanabusa and even recently introduced characters like Nioh’s William. All of the initial dozen starter characters are battling it out across a huge world with their own unique storyline.

But being overwhelmed with so many choices isn’t the only problem, as every character plays rather differently. Some are ranged, while others are melee fighters, and others still are fast or slow.

Taking each one out for a test drive requires you to, unfortunately, start a brand new game every single time. This means going through the same lengthy tutorials before getting a feel for them and then switching to another.

Thankfully, we’ve done the legwork for you and have come up with the cream of the crop from the initial group you can choose from based on the role that most appeals to you.

Up Close and Personal


Starting with the melee-focused group, these are your traditional fighters that you would most expect to see in a Musou game. They like it up close and personal with enemies, opting for a blade or blunt weapon that allows them to efficiently eliminate foes.

Of the melee fighters, these are the best ones you should consider playing as if you like dueling in close range:

  • Zhao Yun (representing Dynasty Warriors)- Utilizing his spear, he is certainly one of the fastest and flashiest fighters in All-Stars. If you like chaining up insane combos that take out waves of enemies instantly, he’s your guy. Very easy to use.
  • William (Nioh)- A powerful Samurai hailing from the Western side of the world, he is slow and prodding, but very strong. One of the more complicated fighters.

Fighting from Afar

These are your ranged fighters. Whether it’s through magical and mystical elements or simply their weapon of choice, they prefer taking shots from a distance.

If you are into ranged fighting where you are able to safely attack without being too dangerously close, while still keeping an eye on the battlefield, these are your best picks:

  • Nobunyaga Oda (Nobunyaga’s Ambition)- This strange feline spin-off of the famous Nobunaga from feudal Japan uses a musket-style rifle to fire off shots at his enemies. His combos are very powerful, some of which bring in extra cat warriors to briefly assist. Easy to use.
  • Laegrinna (Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess)- As the Devil’s daughter, she utilizes her series’ iconic traps to spring up (or wait in hiding) to surprise and destroy her foes from afar. One of the most complicated characters to control, but equally rewarding.