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Destiny 2 Leviathan Chest Locations – How to Get All of Them Solo

Destiny 2‘s Leviathan Chests appear during the game’s Leviathan Raid, with the nine secret chests granting players access to some great rewards while playing through the lengthy mission.

The Leviathan Chests should be high on your list of priorities when playing through the Leviathan Raid, as not only do they rewards players with activity tokens and some nice loot, but they also offer Exotic engrams. These engrams are a necessity if you want to keep leveling up your Guardian, and obtaining them is the primary motivation for players in Destiny 2’s endgame.

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While the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid is the most difficult challenge in the entire game, one player has documented themselves managing to get their hands on every Leviathan Chest while running the Raid solo, providing a helpful guide for those who perhaps don’t have other players to help them discover the secret loot stashes. There are nine Leviathan Chests in total, each hidden in the Underbelly, and you can find the keys to them during the Leviathan Raid itself.

The Leviathan Chests are one of the most reliable ways to get your hands on Exotic engrams in Destiny 2, outside of visiting Xur every week and parting ways with your Legendary Shards. Along with being the best-looking loot in the game, Exotic engrams help to dramatically increase your Guardian’s power level, though only one Exotic item can be equipped for your armor and weaponry at a time.

Below are the timestamps for each of the chests:

  • Opening the door – 0:00
  • Engine Chest – 0:51
  • Ventilator Chest – 2:10
  • Aqueduct Chest – 2:56
  • Pipeline Chest – 3:40
  • Drain Chest – 5:40
  • Conduit Chest – 6:30
  • Irrigation Chest – 8:06
  • Transfer Chest – 8:45
  • Armory Chest – 10:30

Destiny 2 Leviathan Chest Locations