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Danganronpa V3 – How to Unlock Extra Game Modes

For visual novels like Danganronpa V3, it could be concerning for many consumers purchasing a full price retail game that basically ends upon the conclusion of the story. Despite this, the series has been great about not only having a 30+ hour story that is worth replaying, there are multiple game modes to enjoy outside of the initial one.

In the previous games, you could read an entire novel and continue to build your relationships with your classmates. Danganronpa V3 has more game modes than both of the previous games, though, allowing for hours and hours of game-time past the story.

There are a total of three extra game modes you can play, and that’s not even including the gallery, jukebox, and replaying the killing game. We will give you the steps required to unlock all three game modes for Danganronpa V3.

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Danganronpa V3 – Salmon Team

Danganronpa V3

Salmon Team is by far the most familiar game mode for longtime Danganronpa fans. In this one, you play not a killing game but a dating game instead. Where in the main game, you occasionally have time limits for when someone must be murdered, you instead have a time limit for making two people in your class fall in love.

This heart-throbbing romantic mode for all the shippers out there can be very easily unlocked. All you have to do is simply complete chapter six of the story and beat the main game. After watching the credits and saving your data, you can go to the main menu and see it now unlocked.

Danganronpa V3 – Talent Plan

Like Salmon Team, the Talent Plan mode is immediately unlocked once you have finished the main story. You will find it at the top of the three unlockable game modes. This mode is quite unique compared to other ones, and gives you hours and hours of playtime.

In Talent Plan, you play through the entire three years of high school for the Danganronpa V3 classmates. Instead of having the playable character chosen for you, you get to pick anyone from the 16 classmates. Each year of high school plays out on a board much like Monopoly, complete with unique interactions between characters of all three games.

Danganronpa V3 – Monokuma’s Test

Finally, the last game mode available in Danganronpa V3 is Monokuma’s Test. This is the hardest to unlock, as it doesn’t just happen once you’ve beat the game. It goes hand-in-hand with the Talent Plan board game, and therefore, is unlocked by playing it.

To unlock Monokuma’s Test, you must play through all three years of high school with any of the 16 classmates. Upon completing it, you will be able to access this dungeon-crawler old-school RPG. In it, you take up to four of your preferred classmates (across any of the three games) directly from the Talent Plan board game to the RPG. Here, you take on Monokuma’s army in 50 floors of increasingly difficult enemies.