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Stardew Valley – All Seasonal Crops Guide

There are well over 30 crops to plant and grow over the course of your time in Stardew Valley. At times, it can be overwhelming the sheer amount and variety between all of them, leading you to being unsure which to use.

This is only made worse by the fact that there’s around a dozen crops unique to each season in Stardew Valley (minus Winter). It is also important to know which crop goes with which season so you aren’t planting one right before the seasons change, and end up wasting those seeds.

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Stardew Valley – Spring Crops

  • Blue Jazz- sells for base amount of 50g. Takes seven days before you can harvest it
  • Cauliflower- sells for 175g. 12 days to grow
  • Coffee Bean- sells 15g. 10 days. Can also be planted in the Summer
  • Garlic- 60g. Four days
  • Green Beans- 40g. 10 days
  • Kale- 110g. Six days
  • Parsnip- 35g. Four days
  • Potato- 80g. Six days
  • Rhubarb- 220g. 13 days
  • Strawberry- 120g. Eight days
  • Tulip- 30g. Six days

Stardew Valley – Summer Crops

  • Blueberry- 50g. 13 days to grow
  • Corn- 50g. 14 days to grow. Summer or Fall
  • Hops- 25g. 11 days
  • Hot Pepper- 40g. Five days
  • Melon- 250g. 12 days
  • Poppy- 140g. Seven days
  • Radish- 90g. Six days
  • Red Cabbage- 260g. Nine days
  • Starfruit- 750g. 13 days
  • Summer Spangle- 90g. Eight days
  • Sunflower- 80g. Eight days. Summer or Fall
  • Tomato- 60g. 11 days
  • Wheat- 25g. Four days. Summer or Fall

Stardew Valley – Fall Crops

  • Amaranth- sells for 150g. Takes seven days to grow
  • Artichoke- 160g. Eight days
  • Beet- 100g. Six days
  • Bok Choy- 80g. Four days
  • Cranberries- 75g. Seven days
  • Eggplant- 60g. Five days
  • Fairy Rose- 290g. 12 days
  • Grape- 80g. 10 days
  • Pumpkin- 320g. 13 days
  • Yam- 160g. 10 days

Stardew Valley – Special Crops

These are unique crops that are either random, grant awesome rewards, or have a special trait to them:

  • Mixed Seeds (Spring)- these will become a random vegetable depending on season. Spring: Cauliflower, Parsnip, or Potato
  • Mixed Seeds (Summer)- Corn, Pepper, Radish, or Wheat
  • Mixed Seeds (Fall)- Artichoke, Corn, Eggplant, or Pumpkin
  • Sweet Gem Berry- Grows in Fall. Sells for 3000g. Takes 24 days to grow
  • Ancient Fruit- Grows in Spring, Summer, or Fall. Sells for 550g. Takes 28 days to grow