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The Evil Within 2: How to Heal and Get More Health

The Evil Within 2 can be unforgiving, and no matter how much you stealth around enemies you’re going to need to heal sometime. Sebastian has something of a glass jaw when the game starts so a lot of players’ first upgrade will be to get more health. If you’re just starting out your adventure through Union though, it might not be obvious how to do either of these things.

Below we’ve listed all the methods you can use to heal and how you can upgrade Sebastian to get more health.

The Evil Within 2: How to Heal

This game isn’t as forgiving with damage as a typical action title. You’re given some potent firepower on your journey, but Sebastian doesn’t have the staying power for a protracted fight against the creatures you meet. Expect to be duckwalking a lot through The Evil Within 2, because stealth is your biggest friend.

When you have no choice but to enter combat, you’ll inevitably take a hit. The enemies in this game back a wallop, and with your starting amount of health, you can only take a few hits before you go down. If you find yourself hurt, use one of the methods below to get back on your feet.

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Medical Syringe and Medical Kit

These two items are your primary portable health restorers. The Medical Syringe heals a small-to-medium amount of health, and the Medical Kit recovers a substantial amount. You’ll learn to craft Medical Syringes on your journey and find quite a few lying around. You can only hold a limited amount of syringes, so don’t be stingy about healing yourself. If you see a syringe, but you’re carrying the max amount, go ahead and use one even if you’re only missing a little bit of health. That small bit could end up being the buffer that saves you from death.

Medical Kits are more rarely found and should be held back for emergencies and boss fights. The kits heal for a lot more than the syringes, but you hold less of them. If you find one and your inventory is full, commit its location to memory because these are valuable items.

Coffee Makers

Each safe house has a coffee maker you can use to fill your health completely. The drawback to this is that after using a coffee maker, it needs time to brew another pot before you use it. I found that I didn’t run into this being an issue since I spent so much time between safe house visits, but how much it affects you will change depending on your playstyle.

Health Regeneration

In The Evil Within 2 your health will regenerate after you get hit to a certain point. When you take damage, you’ll see a new bar appear on the health gauge. This indicates the maximum health to which you can regenerate. To get this bar to disappear, you’ll have to use a healing item that puts your health over that mark.

The Evil Within 2: How to Get More Health

The Evil Within 2 Upgrades

When you reach the first safe house in Chapter 3, you can enter Sebastian’s Room through the mirror to discover the upgrade chair. When you few the upgrades you’ll find that there’s a Health Skill Tree and a Recovery Skill Tree.

The Health Skill Tree affects overall health. Here you can use Green Gel you get from defeating enemies to unlock more health more Sebastian. The Recovery Skill Tree contains upgrades that will make healing items and regeneration more effective.

By unlocking upgrades through these two trees, you’ll make Sebastian a lot more hearty. However, he’ll never be a tank so don’t let more health make you reckless.