Box art - Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood – A Complete Guide to Shinryu Extreme in Patch 4.1

Patch 4.1 for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood brought with it a host of new changes, features, quality-of-life improvements, quests, and content for its most dedicated players. Of the endgame content added, one of the hardest is the addition of the new extreme trial version for Shinryu.

The final boss in the main Stormblood storyline, Shinryu featured a significant boost in difficulty compared to everything else in the expansion. His extreme mode builds upon the original with some familiar abilities, in addition to new and more challenging mechanics. Let’s get started.

Shinryu Extreme – Phase One

Phase one this time around is a lengthier endeavor than the previous fight, so be prepared. Let’s start with some mechanics that he regularly uses: Corrupted Aether and Shinryu’s Wings.

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Corrupted Aether: Like in the original, Shinryu has an aether bar that you can see charge up as the fight goes on. Before we go into the specific abilities he uses, it’s very important to remember that he has a heart add (like his tail) that can be defeated to deal massive damage. You must defeat the heart each time before his next Corrupted Aether ability or face party wipe. Here are his randomly chose abilities:

  • Aerial Blast- party-wide AOE (area of effect) attack. Will non-stop push you from the center
  • Diamond Dust- party-wide AOE. Gives each player debuff that makes you slide whenever you move
  • Earthen Fury- party-wide AOE attack
  • Hellfire- party-wide attack. Stand in water puddles to minimize damage. Inflicts DoT (damage over time) on all players
  • Judgement Bolt- party-wide attack. Don’t stand in water, as it will increase damage. Can inflict paralysis
  • Tidal Wave- similar to original. Tilts the platform and can make you fall off

Shinryu’s Wings: As this phase goes on, you will see his wings begin to glow every once in a while. Pay attention to his cast bar to see which of these four attacks he is using and act accordingly:

  • Hypernova- Right wing will glow for this ability. Stack in a water puddle to minimize damage
  • Ice Storm- Left wing glows. Deals party-wide AOE damage
  • Levinbolt- Right wing glows. Will spawn typical circle around players who must spread out to avoid overlapping. Can inflict lightning DoT
  • Summon Icicle- Left wing glows. Icicles will spawn around the edges that have an AOE line that must be dodged or you will be slowed

Tank: Main tank should focus on Shinryu, while off-tank of course tackles the adds and assists the main tank. When Akh Morn happens, come together to minimize damage and then immediately walk out of Akh Rhai AOE that will spawn. Avoid above mechanics as necessary. Complete action-time maneuver at the end of phase.

Healer: Heal, remove aforementioned DoT’s, and avoid above mechanics as necessary. Run away and break chain if you are chained to another player. If you receive a green marker, take it to a new platform and then immediately run away. If Earth Breath marks you, run to the edge of the platform to avoid the AOE hitting other players. Complete action-time maneuver at the end of phase.

DPS: Avoid above mechanics as necessary. Run away and break chain if you are chained to another player. If you receive a green marker, take it to a new platform and then immediately run away. If Earth Breath marks you, run to the edge of the platform to avoid the AOE hitting other players. Take out Shinryu’s tail and heart as soon as possible. At some point, you will be given a debuff that stop you from being healed. Continue to deal damage (which will restore health) until you become unchained from the add. Complete action-time maneuver at the end of phase.

Shinryu Extreme – Phase Two


In phase two, the fight becomes slightly more simple. Knockdown will deal damage that obviously knocks everyone back. Run directly north when Knockdown is about to hit. The main focus of phase two are the adds that will spawn from meteors. If you are marked, run to the edges as the attack will spawn new adds.

  • Ginryu- uses fireballs for small AOE damage and Blazing Trail, a wide line attack. Defeat immediately
  • Hakkinryu- also casts Blazing Trail and the tank buster Death Sentence. Kill immediately.

Phase two will end with Shinryu using his ultimate attack: Protostar. Buff up and get ready to heal as much as possible. He will then smash his tail into the area and knock everyone back. Avoid getting hit by the tail and other AOE’s while running up the tail to the new platform.

Shinryu Extreme – Phase Three

Shinryu will no longer have the Corrupted Aether charge bar. Instead, he will just cycle through these abilities, some new and others changed from their phase one counterpart. Avoid the dark area under him, as touching it will give you Doom.

  • Atomic Ray- If you are marked, find another player and share the damage to avoid death
  • Benighting Breath- Large cone AOE that deals heavy damage and will lower your HP recovery
  • Hypernova- The only way to minimize damage is to be frozen by Ice Storm
  • Ice Storm- Same as phase one, except if you stay still, you will be frozen in place for several seconds. Good for minimizing Hypernova
  • Levinbolt- Will mark players. Stack and then move once the markers drop
  • Tera Slash- Tank buster. Main tank should switch with off-tank to avoid death due to lack of HP
  • Wyrmwail- Moderate party-wide AOE. Stand inside Doom area before it finishes casting to avoid lowered HP recovery debuff

Zenos will tell you to get onto Shinryu’s back while he casts Tidal Wave. Upon jumping on his back, both his wings will begin casting separate spells: Hellfire and Judgement Bolt. This is the biggest DPS check for the fight. You must defeat both wings before they finish casting.

Everyone should focus first on the wing that casts first before attacking the other. Destroying a wing takes a large portion of Shinryu’s health. Quickly repeat this until he is dead. If you don’t do this fast enough, Tidal Wave will wipe your party.