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Fire Emblem Warriors Master Seal Locations: How to Change Classes With a Surge Crest

The Fire Emblem Warriors Master Seal is a carryover from the main series that allows you to change your warriors’ class. When one of your heroes moves to an advanced class, they gain new abilities and become more powerful. However, to unlock a new class, you have to first craft a Surge Crest in the market.

There are a limited amount of Master Seals so you’ll want to find as many as you can. Below we’ve listed all the Master Seals we’ve gathered in Fire Emblem Warriors so far and how to use them to change your heroes to new classes.

Fire Emblem Warriors Master Seal Locations: How to Find the Item Used to Make the Surge Crest

Fire Emblem Warriors Master Seal Chapter Select Screen

Master Seals unlock your heroes’ potential and allows them to take on a new job. It makes sense that such powerful items are hidden and hard to get to. You’ll know if a chapter contains a Master Seal if there’s a picture of one in the box on the level select screen (see the picture above). If you’ve already collected the seal for that level, there will be a green check next to it.

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We’re still scouring the game to be able to make more Surge Crests, and we’ll update the list below as we find more.

Fire Emblem Warriors Story Mode Master Seal Locations

Chapter 5: The Dragon’s Table

The Master Seal in chapter 5 is the first one you’ll get in Fire Emblem Warriors. During The Dragon’s Table, you’ll face the Sorcerer Validar for the second time. After you defeat him and Robin, you’ll complete the level and get the Master Seal at the loot screen.

Chapter 8: High Prince Ryoma

To get the Master Seal in chapter 8, you’ll need to open the chest in the level. To get the enemy with the key to spawn you need to link up with Ryoma and conquer a few forts. Eventually, you’ll get a notification that a unique enemy has spawned. Defeat the enemy, get the key, and unlock the chest to get the seal.

Chapter 11: Crown Prince Xander

Chapter 11 holds another seal within a chest. Just look on your mini-map for the symbol showing where the key is. Head over there and kill the enemy holding it, then unlock the chest to get the Master Seal.

Fire Emblem Warriors History Mode Master Seal Locations

Invisible Ties

This seal is a lot harder to get than the ones in Story Mode. You’ll need to complete all objectives and finish the mission at S Rank to get the Master Seal. You’ll likely want to level up in Story Mode for a bit before you attempt this one.

Fire Emblem Warriors: How to Change Class With a Surge Crest

Fire Emblem Warriors Surge Crest Market

To change class in Fire Emblem Warriors, you need two things: a Master Seal, and a hero at Level 15 or above. Once you have those, you can go into the Crest Market and select the hero (at or above Level 15) you want to switch to an advanced class. You’ll then need to craft a Surge Crest, which conveniently takes precisely one Master Seal to make.

Once you’ve made a Surge Crest, you can unlock the spot in the Crest Market and select which advanced class you want your hero to be. We’re still experimenting with changing classes, but we’ll be adding information about each advanced class, and we discover them.

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