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Wolfenstein 2 Weapons: Best Upgrades and All Gun Locations

In Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus you’ll get an arsenal of weapons to defeat the Nazi hordes that have invaded America. Each of them has its uses and set of modifications and upgrades to allow you to mow down your enemy more effectively. You’ll gradually find these guns throughout the game, and each one of them allows for new tactics and strategies. Below we’ve listed all the weapons in Wolfenstein 2, where you can find them, and what the best upgrades to choose are.

Wolfenstein 2 Weapon List: All Locations and Upgrades

There are two kinds of weapons in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. There are the weapons you get to pick up and keep, which you can switch between at will. There are also Heavy Weapons, which you’ll find attached to turrets and from strong enemies. This first section will cover the small arms that you’ll use throughout the game.

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Pistole Upgrades and Location

Wolfenstein 2 Pistole

The Pistole is the standard-issue handgun for Nazi commanders. This handgun is decent for close-range work, but it’s best used for silent takedowns when equipped with a silencer.


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Best Upgrade: Suppressor

The silenced pistol is the only gun in the game that is conducive to stealth. On all regular enemies, a single shot to the head is an instant kill with the suppressed Pistole, and a lot of sections in the game are a lot easier when you’re able to sneak around.

Other Upgrades:

  • Magnum: The Magnum upgrade increases the damage of the Pistole. The trade-off is that recoil is increased and the report is louder. This can be used when the gun is silenced.
  • Extended Magazine: This upgrade allows you to carry more rounds per magazine. Since you’re probably going to be using the Pistole for its suppressor, if you need more bullets your cover is probably blown, and you’re better off switching to a different gun.

Sturmgewehr Upgrades and Location

Wolfenstein 2 Sturmgewehr

The Sturmgewehr is used by elite Nazi soldiers and is perfect for medium to long range fighting.The Storm Rifle, or Assault Rifle as it’s called in English, is going to be your primary long-range firearm in Wolfenstein 2, and will likely be one of your most used guns.


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Best Upgrade: Marksman Scope

You don’t have a dedicated marksman rifle in The New Colossus, so you’ll want to get the Marksman Scope upgrade for the Sturmgewehr as soon as possible. When equipped, this scope turns the assault rifle into a single-shot weapon and lets you zoom in for more precise kills. Without this scope, you’re going to find yourself at a severe disadvantage when fighting enemies at long-range.

Other Upgrades:

  • Armor Piercing: This will make the Sturmgewehr’s rounds pierce armor more readily as well as thin sheets of metal. This makes the assault rifle much more effective against armored Nazi soldiers and robots.
  • Jungle Magazine: This upgrade tapes two Sturmgewehr magazines together and allows Blazkowicz to reload the weapon nearly instantaneously, effectively making the weapon load 60 rounds at a time instead of 30.

Maschinenpistole Upgrades and Location

Wolfenstein 2 Maschinenpistole

This sub-machine gun is the most common weapon in the game and is only very useful in the initial stages of the game. The Maschinenpistole is used by the rank-and-file Nazi soldiers and is the second weakest weapon behind the Pistole. It does have a high rate-of-fire though, and some of its upgrades help keep it viable.


You start the game with this weapon.

Best Upgrade: Drum Magazine

The Drum Magazine increases the Maschinenpistole’s magazine capacity from 45 to 90. When you dual-wield these puppies, you can spray bullets for what seems like an eternity before having to reload. The Drum Magazine makes this a useful weapon for crowd-control and taps into the Maschinenpistole’s biggest strength: high rate-of-fire.

Other Upgrades:

  • Nailgun: This upgrade heats up the Maschinenpistole’s rounds before they leave the gun, which gives them more damage at the expense of a lower rate-of-fire. This upgrade doesn’t really make the bullets strong enough to make the Maschinenpistole a powerhouse, but it can be useful when dual-wielding.
  • Integral Suppressor: This allows the Maschinenpistole to fire without enemies hearing it. It sounds cool in theory, but in practice, the precision of the Pistole with Suppressor makes for a better silenced weapon.

Schockhammer Upgrades and Location

Wolfenstein 2 Schockhammer

The Schockhammer is a triple-barreled automatic shotgun that is unbeatable at close-range works. Not only does this beast of a weapon take down Nazis fast, but it also has a chance to dismember them. If you need a room cleared, dual-wielding these shotguns lets you create a storm of metal that will devastate any who oppose you. At medium-to-long range though, the Schockhammer is practically useless.


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Best Upgrade: Ricochet

The Ricochet upgrade makes the shot from each of the Schockhammer’s shells bounce off of hard surfaces. The spread of the shot is so broad that much of the force of each shell is wasted unless your target is at extremely close range, but with the Ricochet upgrade, you can make every round count for a lot more.

Other Upgrades:

  • Rotor: The Rotor upgrade for the Schockhammer allows you to fire all three barrels at once in one massive blast. The downside is that your rate-of-fire decreases and you’ll use up ammunition a lot faster.
  • Extended Magazine: You can double the number of rounds your shotgun can hold at once with this upgrade. It can come in handy, especially when paired with the Rotor upgrade, but few enemies can stand up to the amount of shots even the standard magazine can hold.

Kampfpistole Upgrades and Location

Wolfenstein 2 Kampfpistole

This single-shot mini-grenade launcher is about as close to a rocket launcher as you’re going to get in Wolfenstein 2. It leaves a lot to be desired. The grenades bounce all over the place, and though they can be useful for taking out enemies around corners, or small groups of soldiers, the Kampfpistole doesn’t become really useful until it gets the Rocket upgrade.


Roswell Oberkommando, Inside a Control Booth containing a Nazi Commander.

Best Upgrade: Rocket

With this upgrade, the Kampfpistole turns into a mini-RPG launcher and gains a lot more utility. These small rockets are reasonably powerful and are effective at long-range. They’re useful against armored targets and organics alike and can get you out of some tight spots.

Other Upgrades:

  • Shoulder Stock: This upgrade is mostly useless. It eliminates recoil when firing, but since it’s a single shot weapon, recoil throwing you off target isn’t a concern since you have to reload after every round.
  • Spring Loader: This can be pretty cool when paired with the Rocket upgrade. When using this, you can charge for a short-bit by holding the trigger. When you release, you’ll fire three quick shots in a row. It’s a little wasteful, but a lot of fun.

Laserkraftwerk Upgrades and Location

Wolfenstein 2 Laserkraftwerk

This laser rifle can do more than just kill Nazis. You’ll have to use it to melt through certain doors, grates, and boxes during the game. It uses energy as ammo, so you’ll have to reload it via a wall charger, or from batteries scattered about some levels. It’s a mighty gun against armored targets, and one-hit kills many enemies in the game. You’ll only get this gun if you decide to save Fergus instead of Wyatt.


Eva’s Hammer U-Boat (Fergus Campaign Only)

Best Upgrade: Supercharge

The Laserkraftwerk can gain the ability to supercharge its laser which deals massive damage to an enemy. You’ll want this upgrade to take down Super Soldiers and other large mechanical enemies.

Other Upgrades:

  • Battery Upgrade: The Laserkraftwerk drains energy pretty quickly, especially when you’re using the Supercharge upgrade. This new battery doubles your energy capacity.
  • Scope: The laser rifle is pretty precise, and can be used as a sniper rifle. However, you’re better off just sticking with the Sturmgewehr for long-range combat.

Dieselkraftwerk Upgrades and Location

Wolfenstein 2 Dieselkraftwerk

You get this weapon if you choose to save Wyatt instead of Fergus. It fires diesel canisters which can either blow up on impact or be used as sticky remote bombs. It’s my favorite of the two optional weapons and adds some much needed explosive force to your arsenal.


Eva’s Hammer U-Boat (Wyatt Campaign Only)

Best Upgrade: Extended Tank

The Dieselkraftwerk is already powerful, so your best bet when you upgrade is just to add the capability to fire more shots.

Other Upgrades:

  • Ignition Muzzle: This upgrade ignites the diesel as soon as you fire which adds an increased possibility to set enemies on fire.
  • Supercharge: When you Supercharge the Dieselkraftwork you can fire five canisters at once. However, it’s pretty wasteful and imprecise.

Handgranate Upgrades and Location

Wolfenstein 2 Handgrenate

The hand grenades in Wolfenstein 2 are underpowered and lack accuracy. Their blast radius is laughable, and you’ll probably forget that they exist because they’re not very useful. However, when upgraded, they can gain some unique properties.


Manhattan Docks

Best Upgrade: Electromagnetic

Electromagnetic grenades will disable any electronics in their blast radius. This is great against the fast-moving robots that become a huge pain when encountered in numbers.

Other Upgrades:

  • Fragmentation: Frag grenades eject high-speed metal fragments that are very effective against organic enemies.
  • Diesel: With the Diesel upgrade your grenades will cause a wide-spread fire which is excellent for bunched up weaker enemies.

Wolfenstein 2 Heavy Weapons

The New Colossus’s heavy weapons can’t be added to your inventory or upgraded, but are some of the most powerful in the game.


Wolfenstein 2 Lasergewehr

The Lasergewehr fires a very powerful beam that can melt thin sheets of metal and vaporize weaker enemies. If you hold L2 or the Left Trigger you can keep the weapon spinning so you can instantly fire.


Wolfenstein 2 Dieselgewehr

This weapon is a scaled up version of the Dieselkraftwerk. It fires diesel canisters in threes that explode and set enemies ablaze.


Wolfenstein 2 Hammergewehr

If you ever wanted a shotgun that behaved like a minigun, this is your gun. The primary fire button fires shotgun shells in twos, but if you hold down the aim button and fire it turns into a machine gun that shoots shotgun blasts.


Wolfenstein 2 Ubergewehr

This gun only begins to appear in the last levels of the game, and even then just in small numbers. The Übergewehr is the BFG of Wolfenstein 2. It fires a projectile that expands into a sphere that obliterated anything around it. After several seconds the sphere detonates, doing high damage to anything in the blast radius.

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