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Super Mario Odyssey Ending Explained: Where to Find Princess Peach and What to Do Next

Super Mario Odyssey ends with Mario inevitably saving the day, rescuing Princess Peach from her forced wedding with Bowser and, while still personally rejected by her (go independent Peach!) he continues on to the Mushroom Kingdom regardless. This is where Super Mario Odyssey‘s endgame begins, and there’s still quite a lot to do even after the credits roll.With that being said, let’s take a look at the post-game activities you can take part in (major spoilers ahead, obviously):

Super Mario Odyssey Ending: What happened to Bowser?

In a moment of inspired genius, Mario concludes his final boss battle with Bowser by possessing his arch-nemesis using Cappy. As Bowser, players can smash their way through boulders, shoot out fireballs with a waggle of their Joy-Cons and even take part in a 2D throwback to the original Super Mario Bros. 

After Mario, Peach and Bowser emerge from the crumbling ruins beneath the Moon Kingdom, Mario and Bowser both try to compete for Peach’s affection before the princess rightly gives up on both of them, hopping in the Odyssey and setting sail for the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario bops on Bowser’s head to get the leverage he needs to join her, leaving Bowser stranded on the moon.

Super Mario Odyssey Ending: Where is Peach?

After you land next to Peach’s Castle in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario is taking a well-deserved nap on top of a grassy hill. After he wakes up, the Toad brigade populating the area surrounding Peach’s Castle inform him that Peach is nowhere to be found and that they have no idea where she’s headed off to.

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You may initially believe that Peach has once again been kidnapped by Bowser, a reasonable conclusion considering she’s spent over 30 years being repeatedly held hostage. However, in reality Peach has actually decided to head off on her own jet-setting tour of the world, and you can find her by using the Odyssey to travel to Cap Kingdom. She’ll be standing with her bags packed at the far north of the map, with her explaining to you that she’s going on an adventure around the globe. She’ll award you with a Power Star, and from there you can find her in the next kingdom along the Odyssey’s path.

Super Mario Odyssey Ending: Collecting more Power Moons and breaking Moon Rocks

After completing Super Mario Odyssey, your next major task outside of finding Peach is to collect more Power Moons, in order to set sail to a secret kingdom. You’ll need 300 of these to advance, though you can make your job a lot easier by breaking the Moon Rocks that will appear in each kingdom after you’ve completed the game. These Moon Rocks will show the location of every Power Moon in their kingdom, allowing you to swiftly gather them up and progress.

While I won’t spoil the game any further than outlining the tasks you’ll need to complete post-game, suffice to say it’s worth carrying out the various tasks the game lays out ahead of you after you defeat Bowser. Happy Power Moon hunting, and don’t forget to check our Super Mario Odyssey spoiler discussion on our forum!