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Call of Duty WW2 Rank List and Prestige Icons: What Are the Levels Called in COD WW2?

Call of Duty WW2 ranks are the same as the United States Army used from 1942-1948 (with the ranks of Sergeant Major and Command Sergeant Major added). Each rank has three separate levels before you increase to the next grade. After you reach level 55 and the rank of General of the Army, you have the option to prestige and start the process over. When you prestige in CoD WW2 you get a unique icon as your rank insignia instead of the standard enlisted or officer one you had the first time around. Below is a list of what all the levels are called in Call of Duty WW2, what the ranks are, and the ten special icons you can earn for prestige.

Call of Duty WW2 Enlisted Ranks: Level 1- 39

No Insignia for Private

  • Level 1: Private (Pvt.)
  • Level 2: Private I
  • Level 3: Private II


  • Level 4: Private First Class (Pfc.)
  • Level 5: Private First Class I
  • Level 6: Private First Class II

COD WW2 Technician 5th Rank

  • Level 7: Technician Fifth Grade (T/5.)
  • Level 8: Technician Fifth Grade I
  • Level 9: Technician Fifth Grade II

COD WW2 Corporal Rank

  • Level 10: Corporal (Cpl.)
  • Level 11: Corporal I
  • Level 12: Corporal II

COD WW2 Technician 4th Rank

  • Level 13: Technician Fourth Grade (T/4.)
  • Level 14: Technician Fourth Grade I
  • Level 15: Technician Fourth Grade II

COD WW2 Sergeant Rank

  • Level 16: Sergeant (Sgt.)
  • Level 17: Sergeant I
  • Level 18: Sergeant II

COD WW2 Technician 3rd Rank

  • Level 19: Technician Third Grade (T/3.)
  • Level 20: Technician Third Grade I
  • Level 21: Technician Third Grade II

COD WW2 Staff Sergeant Rank


  • Level 22: Staff Sergeant (S/Sgt.)
  • Level 23: Staff Sergeant I
  • Level 24: Staff Sergeant II

COD WW2 Techinical Sergeant Rank

  • Level 25: Technical Sergeant (T/Sgt.)
  • Level 26: Technical Sergeant I
  • Level 27: Technical Sergeant II

COD WW2 First Sergeant Rank

  • Level 28: First Sergeant (1st Sgt.)
  • Level 29: First Sergeant I
  • Level 30: First Sergeant II

COD WW2 Master Sergeant Rank

  • Level 31: Master Sergeant (M/Sgt.)
  • Level 32: Master Sergeant I
  • Level 33: Master Sergeant II

COD WW2 Sergeant Major Rank

  • Level 34: Sergeant Major (SGM)
  • Level 35: Sergeant Major I
  • Level 36: Sergeant Major II

COD WW2 Command Sergeant Major Rank

  • Level 37: Command Sergeant Major (CSM)
  • Level 38: Command Sergeant Major I
  • Level 39: Command Sergeant Major II

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Call of Duty WW2 Officer Ranks: Level 40-50

COD WW2 2nd LT Rank

  • Level 40: Second Lieutenant (2LT)
  • Level 41: Second Lieutenant I

COD WW2 1st LT Rank

  • Level 42: First Lieutenant (1LT)
  • Level 43: First Lieutenant I

COD WW2 Captain Rank

  • Level 44: Captain (CPT)
  • Level 45: Captain I

COD WW2 Major Rank

  • Level 46: Major (MAJ)
  • Level 47: Major I

COD WW2 Lt Colonel Rank

  • Level 48: Lieutenant Colonel (LTC)
  • Level 49: Lieutenant Colonel II

COD WW2 Colonel Rank

  • Level 50: Colonel (COL)

Call of Duty WW2 General Officers Ranks: Level 51-55

COD WW2 Brigadier General Rank

  • Level 51: Brigadier General (BG)

COD WW2 Major General Rank

  • Level 52: Major General (MG)

COD WW2 Lieutenant General Rank

  • Level 53: Lieutenant General (LTG)

COD WW2 General Rank

  • Level 54: General (GEN)

COD WW2 General of the Army Rank

  • Level 55: General of the Army (GA)

CoD WW2 Prestige Emblems: What Special Icons and Symbols Do I Get?

Prestige 1

COD WW2 Prestige 1 Icon

Prestige 2

COD WW2 Prestige 2 Icon

Prestige 3

COD WW2 Prestige 3 Icon

Prestige 4

COD WW2 Prestige 4 Icon

Prestige 5

COD WW2 Prestige 5 Icon

Prestige 6

COD WW2 Prestige 6 Icon

Prestige 7

COD WW2 Prestige 7 Icon

Prestige 8

COD WW2 Prestige 8 Icon

Prestige 9

COD WW2 Prestige 9 Icon

Prestige 10

COD WW2 Prestige 10 Icon

Prestige Master

COD WW2 Prestige Master Icon

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