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COD WW2 Sharpshooter Medal: How to Get the Marksmanship Badge as a Sniper in Call of Duty WW2

Collecting Call of Duty WW2 sharpshooter medals unlocks a cool calling card to let everyone know you’re a good sniper (or you’ve just played a really long time). There’s a big chance, though, that you might have been sniping in CoD WW2 for a while now and not earned a single sharpshooter badge. So what gives? It turns out you have to kill enemies in a specific way to actually receive a sharpshooter award, and unless you’ve got your soldier set up right, you’re not going to get them no matter how many headshots you get.

How to Get Sharpshooter Medals in CoD WW2

In Call of Duty WW2, you earn a sharpshooter medal for getting a kill while looking through your scope and using focus (holding your breath). If you play like me though, you may not be using the proper loadout to get the badges.

I usually use a sniper rifle as a secondary for my Infantry Division loadout by using the Rifleman Basic Training perk. I noticed when looking through my challenge calling cards that I hadn’t unlocked the ones you need sharpshooter medals for. I realized the reason behind this is that you can only use focus (holding your breath) when you’re playing as a Mountain Division soldier. It’s one of that class’s unique perks.

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Once I switched over to Mountain Division, it was easy to get sharpshooter badges. You just aim, press and hold L3, and pull the trigger. If your shot kills an enemy, congratulations! You have just earned a sharpshooter medal.

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