Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Kudos Guide: How to Give Kudos to a Friend

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a sociable game, with you able to interact with and befriend other happy campers you’ll meet while playing. One of the tasks set by Isabella in the game is to give kudos to another player, though the specifics of how to do this aren’t signposted, meaning you’re left to figure it out for yourself.

Animal Crossing kudos: How to give kudos to another player

In order to give kudos to another player, you’re first going to need to befriend them. Making friends in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp will require you to either bump into them in-game, get their friend code or share your own friend code.

For the first option, occasionally you’ll other players’ avatars wandering around one of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp’s various islands. You can approach them and request to be their friend, though they will then need to accept this request.

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A faster way of getting friends is by sharing your own friend code. You can do this by clicking on the ‘More’ tab at the bottom of the screen, then ‘Add Friend,’ then ‘Share Your ID.’ Pocket Camp will then give you a friend code to copy and paste, with your friends able to enter this code into their game in order to add you.

To add someone else’s code, simply select ‘Enter an ID’ in the same menu. You can also check the status of your received friend requests and sent friend requests from this menu. To find more friends, you can link Pocket Camp with your Facebook or Twitter account for a rundown of your friends / followers who play the game.

How to visit a campsite in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Next you’ll need to visit your friend’s campsite. To do this, go to ‘More,’ then ‘Friends,’ then select the friend you wish to visit. Select ‘Visit Player’ to travel to their campsite.

In order to give them kudos, you’ll need to approach them in their campsite, then select ‘Give Kudos.’ You can check who has awarded you kudos in the ‘Kudos From’ tab in the friends menu.

What does kudos do in Pocket Camp?

Outside of the rewards Isabelle will grant you for giving kudos, it doesn’t actually have any other in-game benefits aside from adding to your personal list of people who have given it to you. Still, it’s a nice way to give and receive recognition to your friends and other players for working hard on their campsites.