Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Calling Card Guide: How to Use Them and What They Do

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp will sometimes see you unable to find one of your animal friends on the game’s various islands, which is where the Calling Card comes into play. Read below to find out how to use them in the game.

How to use a Calling Card in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Calling Cards are used in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp to call an animal friend who isn’t already at your campsite or occupying one of the game’s four other islands. The animals you’ll be able to interact with in Pocket Camp are on a 3 hour rotation, meaning that after this time period is over, you’ll find your game world populated by different animals.

This is where the Calling Card comes into play. If you want to interact with a particular animal but they aren’t available, then use the Calling Card in order to call them over to you. This will allow you to complete any requests you have for them, along with bumping you up a friend level with them and granting you some XP in the process.

In order to use the Calling Card, go to the ‘Contacts’ tab at the bottom of your screen, then select the friend you wish to invite over before pressing the ‘Call’ button. You’ll then be asked if you wish to use a Calling Card, and after confirming, the friend will travel right on over to you. An animal friend can only be called if you already have them unlocked, and if you have a friendship level of at least 1.

How many animals are in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp?

You can have a maximum of 12 animals in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp at any one time, with a maximum of four being available on its islands, while up to 8 can visit your campsite simultaneously. A maximum of two animals can visit one island at the same time, and once a Calling Card is used, they will remain on that island for 3 hours.