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Pokemon Go Ho Oh Guide: How to Beat and Catch Ho Oh in Pokemon Go

We knew that the Asia-locked Pokemon Farfetch’d would be coming to Pokemon Go after the recent completion of the first Global Catch Challenge, but developer Niantic has surprised us with the release of the final legendary bird Pokemon from Generation 2: Ho Oh.

Ho Oh is the mascot of the second generation games Pokemon Gold and Pokemon HeartGold, and it is now finally available to be caught in the popular mobile game Pokemon Go. This comes a few months after Ho Oh’s counterpart Lugia was released during the Pokemon Go Fest.

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How to Beat Ho Oh in Pokemon Go

Like Lugia, Ho Oh is only able to be caught through successfully defeating it in a Legendary Raid battle. In case you weren’t aware, these raid battles are the biggest challenge in Pokemon Go. Because of this, we recommend only going at Ho Oh with 20 other Trainers.

Ho Oh Pokemon Go

Ho Oh is a fire and flying-type Pokemon, so its notable weaknesses are electric, rock, and water. Unfortunately, this particular Ho Oh can have Solar Beam as its charge attack, which can wreck any rock and water types. We still recommend using those types, but electric-type Pokemon are certainly at the biggest advantage in this fight. Here are some of the best Pokemon to use against Ho Oh in Pokemon Go:

Raikou: Ho Oh’s fellow Generation 2 legendary Pokemon is a great choice for this battle. Its electric typing and strong attacks are a great match for the legendary bird.

Zapdos: This Generation 1 legendary electric Pokemon is just as great of a choice as Raikou. Its stats are strong, giving it an advantage even against Ho Oh’s most powerful attacks.

Vaporeon: A water-type Pokemon that has great stats, this is a perfect choice if you don’t have the aforementioned electric Pokemon. While Solar Beam can be a major issue for Vaporeon, don’t be ashamed if it faints; you can still win.

Dragonite: Though it isn’t as remarkable as the other choices, this is a solid backup Pokemon if the others above aren’t available to you. Dragonite is a great attacker and Solar Beam won’t be an issue for it, so it has better chances of surviving.

Once you and your team has defeated Ho Oh, ready your Ultra Ball, make sure the ring is in the green, and pray to RNGesus. Ho Oh, unfortunately, comes with a base catch rate of 2%, so be ready for that.