F.E.A.R. PC Cheats

Press [Talk] (default T) during gameplay. Enter one of these codes followed by [Enter].

tearsAll guns and infinite ammo, reloading still required
gunsAll Weapons
builddisplay build version
gimmegun turretdrops current weapon
armorFull Armor
gimmegun assault rifleget assault rifle
gimmegun cannonget cannon
gimmegun dual pistolsget dual pistols
gimmegun frag grenadeget frag grenade
healthGet Full Health
ammoGet Loads of Ammo
gimmegun missile launcherget missile launcher
gimmegun nail gunget nailgun
gimmegun remote chargeget pipe bomb
gimmegun pistolget pistol
gimmegun plasma weaponget plasma railgun
gimmegun semi-auto rifleget semi-auto rifle
gimmegun shotgunget shotgun
gimmegun submachinegunget SMG
gimmegun proximityget trip mine
poltergeistghost mode
godGod Mode
gearincreased health and boosted reflexes
posPosition Mode
mapholeskip to next level
kfaweapons + full ammo, armor & health

Thanks to Revolution readers slowpoke, BenHur, and tryiorn!