Ultimate Spider-Man PC Cheats

Unlock Black Costume:

Complete 100 City Events and all Combat Tours, and collect all Tokens.

Unlock Peter Parker Costume:

Complete 50 City Events, collect 50 Tokens, and win the 4th race against Johnny Storm.

Unlock Parker Hoody Costume:

Complete 75 City Events, collect 75 Tokens, and complete 32 combat tours.

Unlock Spidey Wrestling Costume:

Complete 30 City Events, collect 30 Tokens.

Unlock Arachnoman Costume:

Complete 90 City Events, collect 90 Tokens, and complete 48 combat tours.

Unlock Venom Races and Switch Hero option:

Complete all story mode missions.

Unlock Medium City Event Difficulty:

Complete 10 City Events and complete Chapter 6.

Unlock Hard City Event Difficulty:

Complete 20 City Events and complete Chapter 8.

Unlock Medium Combat Tour Difficulty:

Complete 8 Combat Tours after completing Chapter 4.

Unlock Hard Combat Tour Difficulty:

Complete 12 Medium Combat Tours.

Unlock Insane Combat Tour Difficulty:

Complete all Hard Combat Tours.

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