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Destiny 2 Maintenance: When Will Destiny 2 Be Back Online?

As per usual, Destiny 2 is having maintenance today for a few hours. While Bungie hasn’t given specifics on what this lengthy maintenance is for, we expect it to apply most of the changes and updates ahead of the launch for the first expansion Curse of Osiris that arrives next week.

It’s worth noting that Destiny 2 maintenance can sometimes go a little beyond the expected time, so be prepared for that. The maintenance started with not allowing anyone else to log on at 8 a.m. PT this morning. Players that were still on could continue to play until 9 a.m. PT when the real maintenance began.

When Will Destiny 2 Be Back Online?

Starting at 9 a.m. PT and going on right now, the Destiny 2 maintenance is expected to last approximately five hours, according to Bungie. That means the Destiny 2 servers should be back on at around 2 p.m. PT (5 p.m. ET, 10 p.m. GMT). However, this is one of the most important maintenance events since the Destiny 2 launch, so we fully expect it to go a little longer based on previous maintenance.

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Because of this, we expect the Destiny 2 servers to be back online at the most one to two hours after what was originally planned. As such, Destiny 2 should be online by 4 p.m. PT (7 p.m. ET, 12 a.m. GMT) barring any unexpected issues during Bungie’s time fixing the game and preparing for Curse of Osiris’ launch next week.

Destiny 2 Maintenance

The launch for the Destiny 2 expansion Curse of Osiris is expected to begin with a major update on Tuesday, December 5th. You will be able to download the large update on all platforms starting that day, which will be a requirement in order to access the Curse of Osiris DLC, including the new planet, raid, level cap of 25, and more. Another update will follow the week after on December 12th that will introduce a new set of weapons called Masterworks.