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Destiny 2 Lighthouse Chest Puzzle: Sign of Osiris Locations

Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris introduces the planet Mercury and the Lighthouse that serves as the hub for Brother Vance. You may have noticed a gold chest behind a forcefield in the Lighthouse. To get to the Lighthouse chest, you’ll need to solve a puzzle that involves finding five Signs of Osiris located on five different books. You’ll have to activate the books to drop the forcefield blocking access to the chest.

Below we’ll show you the order you need to activate the books in to find the solution to the Lighthouse chest puzzle in Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris.

How to Find the Secret Chest in the Lighthouse in Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris

Finding the chest itself it pretty easy. You need to have Curse of Osiris installed and head to Mercury. Select the spawn point in the director and when you reach the planet’s surface go through the nearby portal to enter the Lighthouse.

From the entrance to the Lighthouse, head left and drop down off the path leading to Brother Vance. Look back towards the direction you entered from, and you’ll see the chest sitting behind a grid-shaped forcefield.

Destiny 2 Lighthouse Chest Solution: How to Solve the Puzzle

To bring down the forcefield in front of the Lighthouse chest, you’ll need to solve a quick puzzle. I’m not sure if there are context clues scattered around or not. I solved it by trial and effort, and it’s not that hard once you understand what you’re doing.

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There are five books scattered around the interior of the Lighthouse, and each of them has the Sign of Osiris on them. They’re easy to overlook if you’re not actively seeking them out, and you’ll be on a timer once you start the puzzle, so your best bet is to familiarize yourself with where they’re located before you begin.

Step One: Find the Compelling Book Location to Start the Lighthouse Chest Puzzle

Destiny 2 Lighthouse Chest Compelling Book

Once you reach the Lighthouse in Destiny 2, you can start solving the Lighthouse Chest puzzle. To find the first book of five, you’ll need to activate to bring down the forcefield, head over to Brother Vance.

From Brother Vance’s location face towards the Sun. To your left will be a countertop with a lot of papers spilling out of cubby holes within. Located on this shelf is the Compelling Book. Once you activate this book the timer to find the other five will start, so get ready to spring to the next one.

Step 2: Find the Marked Book Location

Destiny 2 Lighthouse Chest Marked Book Location

From where you enter the Lighthouse you need to proceed along the right wall of the circular room. You’ll be looking for two torches burning with a bookshelf in between them. In that bookshelf you’ll find the Marked Book, the second of five you need to activate to get to the Lighthouse chest.

Step 3: Find the Aged Book Location

Destiny 2 Lighthouse Chest Aged Book Location

Starting at the entrance to the Lighthouse, go to your left. After the first column, look at the nearest bookcase, and you’ll see a book glowing with the Sign of Osiris. This is the Aged Book, the third of five needed to bring the forcefield down.

Step 4: Find the Curious Book Location

Destiny 2 Lighthouse Chest Curious Book Location

To find this book, you’ll need to go past the shelf you found the Marked Book at and keep looking to your left. On the table with chairs, you’ll see the Curious Book. Activate it and move on.

Step 5: Find the Significant Book Location

Destiny 2 Lighthouse Chest Significant Book Location

You’ll need to head towards the way you took to get to the Aged Book to find the Significant Book. Keep going until you see a prominent stone symbol. Just past it, you’ll see a large bookshelf with drawers jutting out of it. Jump up on the drawers and activate the Significant Book.

Step 6: Find the Conflux

Destiny 2 Lighthouse Chest Conflux Location

The very last step you need to complete to bring down the forcefield is to return to the place you found the Curious Book on the right side of the Lighthouse. There you’ll see that a conflux has appeared. Use your ghost to decrypt it, and the forcefield will be down.

What’s in the Lighthouse Chest in Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris?

The loot in the Lighthouse Chest is likely somewhat random. I found a Legendary Engram inside along with 3 Mercury Tokens. It’s an anti-climatic reward to be sure, but it only takes a little effort, and you might get a neat piece of Legendary gear.

Once you open the chest in the Lighthouse in Destiny 2, that’s it. You can only get the loot once. Even if you solve the puzzle again, you’ll find that the chest has entirely vanished from its original position.

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