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Destiny 2 Aeon Cult Guide: What Aeon Safe, Aeon Soul, Aeon Swift Do and How to Get Them

As if Destiny 2 didn’t already have clans and factions, its first expansion Curse of Osiris adds some strange Easter egg-like unofficial cult that revolves around three new exotic armor pieces. There are lots of new exotics in Curse of Osiris, but the Destiny 2 Aeon Cult items take the cake for not only being bizarre, but very unique and useful in functionality.

As of now, there are three Aeon Cult Destiny 2 exotics to discover, each of which is exclusive to one of the three classes: Warlock, Titan, and Hunter. All three are gauntlets, giving the same exact buff despite the different names and designs. The Aeon Safe, Aeon Soul, and Aeon Swift make a strong case for being the exotic armor that your fireteam should always equip.

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How to Get Destiny 2 Aeon Cult Exotic Armor

As with all exotic loot, acquiring the Aeon Cult gear for your respective class is mostly based on luck. However, there are a few different options that are the best for finding legendary engrams that can contain the coveted Aeon Safe, Aeon Soul, and Aeon Swift. Those are:

  • Mercury Heroic Public Events (check out our guide on how to unlock it)
  • Random enemy drops
  • Completing weekly milestones for Powerful Engrams
  • Leviathan Raid
  • New Raid Lair

What Destiny 2 Aeon Cult Exotic Items Do

Destiny 2 Aeon Cult Aeon Swift Armor Hunter

What makes the Destiny 2 Aeon Cult gear so special is their unified buffs that work perfectly together. Aeon Safe, Aeon Soul, and Aeon Swift all give a buff to ‘Aeon Cultists’ – teammates – nearby. This buff grants barricade energy for Titans, grenade energy for Warlocks, and dodge energy for Hunters.

While useful on their own, it seems the true purpose of the Aeon Cult is to essentially create a little united cult within your clan and fireteam. We recommend working together to find these exotics for everyone you play with, so that you are able to take advantage of the full extent of the Aeon Cult’s buffs in everything you do, whether it’s the weekly Nightfall or the new Raid Lair.