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Destiny 2 Mercury Heroic Public Event: How to Unlock Curse of Osiris Heroic Public Event

With the release of its first expansion Curse of Osiris, Destiny 2 has added a ton of new features and missions, including a brand new Heroic Public Event. One of the most important and popular aspects of the base game, the Destiny 2 Mercury Heroic Public Event is key to leveling up and gaining new gear in the new DLC.

Like Public Events in the base Destiny 2 game, this new one has a Heroic mode that only activates under specific conditions that must be met before completing it. Being that it grants far better rewards than the normal version, it is imperative that you know what needs to be done to access the more challenging Destiny 2 Mercury Heroic Public Event.

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How to Unlock Destiny 2 Mercury Heroic Public Event

Though it is the only new Public Event in Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris, activating its Heroic mode is actually much more challenging than any of the others. Before you can even do it, you must have completed the expansion’s first mission. Once you’ve done that, you can wait for the Public Event just outside the Lighthouse.

Destiny 2 Mercury Heroic Public Event

Check your map to see when the Public Event is going to show up. Once it appears on your map, stand near the flag next to the two Vex and wait for it to start. When it does, enemies will begin pouring out of two portals on the left and right sides. This is what you need to do to unlock and beat the Destiny 2 Mercury Heroic Public Event:

  • Kill the Vex enemies until the mini-boss Keeper of Ages appears.
  • Pick up any orbs it drops while fighting.
  • Two different players need to take them to the two brightly lit platforms.
  • Once both are finished by separate players, go to the other side and do it all over again with the two other, similar platforms.
  • The lifts that launch you will turn around. Jump on the nearest one and travel to the other side of the Mercury map.
  • Defeat the new Keeper of Ages boss and take the dropped orb.
  • Bring the orb to the center of this new area.
  • Shoot down the diamond-shaped objects that appear and jump on their platforms to reach the top.
  • Stand in the red circle in the center and this will finally activate the Destiny 2 Mercury Heroic Public Event.

From here, you will have to defeat the shielded Vex Gate Lord. You can easily accomplish this by using power ammo and taking the orbs it drops to the platforms from the very beginning. This will quickly drop its shield, allowing you to kill it and complete the Destiny 2 Mercury Heroic Public Event in Curse of Osiris.