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Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris: How to Start Lost Prophecies and What Rewards You Get

Curse of Osiris brings Lost Prophecies to Destiny 2. Lost Prophecies are side adventures that assign you objectives in return for a Legendary weapon. These Legendary weapons are new to the game, and if you’re someone who likes to complete gear sets, there are 11 Lost Prophecies you can complete. Below we detail how to start Lost Prophecies in Curse of Osiris for Destiny 2, how to complete them, and what rewards you get for finishing them.

Destiny 2 Lost Prophecies: How to Start the New Activities in Curse of Osiris

Lost Prophecies are introduced in Curse of Osiris, the first expansion for Destiny 2. Before you can start completing Lost Prophecies for the new Legendary weapons, you’ll need to complete the new campaign. Once you’ve finished that, you can visit Brother Vance in the Lighthouse on Mercury, and he’ll assign you the first quest.

If you’ve played the first Destiny, Lost Prophecies will feel somewhat familiar. They’re similar to the Bounties you can find in that game. You can only take on one Lost Prophecy each week, so make sure to log in each Tuesday after the reset to get a chance to accept another quest.

How to Complete a Lost Prophecy in Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris

Once you access a Lost Prophecy in Destiny 2, you’ll be given a list of item drops you’ll need to get to complete it. Instead of being a specific quest, you can look for these item drops while you’re doing other activities like Adventures, Public Events, or Strikes.

Don’t worry about looking around on the ground for any particular type of item. You’ll pick up the ingredients required just like you would Glimmer or an engram. Usually, you’ll get some sort of hint on where you need to stick around at to get these item drops, so make sure to listen to Brother Vance when he assigns the Lost Prophecies, and examine the item text in your menu.

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Once you’ve finished a Lost Prophecy in Destiny 2, you can head back to the Lighthouse on Mercury and talk to Brother Vance again. He’ll give you an item with a name similar to “Lost Prophecy, Verse ## Fulfilled.” Once you have this item, you’ll be able to unlock your new Legendary weapon.

How to Get the Lost Prophecy Legendary Weapons in Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris

Once you’ve collected all the ingredients Brother Vance asked for and received the “Lost Prophecy, Verse ## Fulfilled” item, the next step is easy. Just head over to the weapon forge and exchange the item for your new Legendary weapon.

Keep in mind, there are 11 of these new weapons in total, but only one is given out each week. That means that you’ll need to log back on at least once a week for the next 11 weeks to get them all. If we go by Bungie’s history, these will likely be unique Legendary-tier items, and who knows if they’ll replay the quests or not. The first Destiny had a bad habit of making items available for a limited time only without really explaining that fact to you, so if you’re a collector, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for chances to do Lost Prophecies in Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris.

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