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PUBG Can’t Connect Fix: Are Xbox One Servers Down?

PUBG has been released on Xbox One today, and a lot of players can’t connect to the server. With the hugely popular PC Battle Royale game finally making its way to Microsoft’s console, it’s not surprising there’s some problems on the first day. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds launch on the platform has not been without issue, as it is currently experiencing various server problems leaving Xbox gamers with messages like “could not connect” and unable to dive in and experience the global phenomenon for themselves.

So what is going on with PUBG on Xbox One, and why is it currently unplayable?

PUBG Xbox One Could Not Connect Fix

PUBG is one of the biggest Xbox One releases of the year, so many are inevitably trying to access the game’s servers at the same time. This has caused instability, causing the servers to be down for many players.

The official PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Twitter account stated that a 1 hour maintenance period will commence at 5am PST / 2PM CET, so those trying to play the game during this hour will be out of luck. Hopefully when the maintenance period ends, the servers will be more stable and players will be able to jump on.

Unfortunately, the only real “fix” available is to wait until the servers are back up and running as intended. This isn’t an issue with your internet or your copy of the game, but rather the end result of a super popular game struggling under the weight of new players.

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Of course, if you’re impatient you can simply sit around and press “Reconnect” again and again until it works. You can also follow the PUBG Twitter account for live updates, with them currently responding to technical issues from the game’s players.