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PUBG Nintendo Switch Release Date: When is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Coming to Switch?

The PUBG early preview just hit the Xbox One and players on other consoles are dying to get their hands on it too. While the PS4 has gotten good news concerning a port of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, we haven’t got any word if and when PUBG is coming to Nintendo Switch. The thought of taking the 100-person Battle Royale gameplay of PUBG (one of our games of the year) on the go is fantastic, but you might not want to get your hopes up.

Is PUBG Coming to Nintendo Switch and What’s the Release Date?

From what we’ve seen so far, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a long way from releasing for Nintendo Switch, if it ever does. For one, the game is absolutely taxing on any system you run it on. It tends to chug even on some high-end PCs, and the Xbox One preview isn’t currently holding even a steady 30 fps. You can imagine that if those powerful machines have trouble running PUBG, then the Switch likely couldn’t even get single-digit framerates.

Additionally, in a Bloomberg interview with Brenden Greene (PlayerUnknown) and Bluehole founder Chang Byung-gyu, future platforms for the game were mentioned. Byung-gyu stated that Bluehole had spoken with every major console manufacturer about PUBG and that Xbox One and PS4 were the current targets for ports. There was no mention made of a Nintendo Switch version of PUBG, though it’s still possible that plans for one may be on the table.

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If PUBG does release on the Switch, it won’t be soon. The game already has optimization issues that will need to be ironed through on Xbox One, and later PS4. If the game does come to the Switch, it will likely be after Bluehole has gotten the other console versions tweaked to run well.

There is a better chance that the PUBG mobile version, which is set to debut in China sometime in the near future, could be ported to Switch. It runs on ARM architecture and is geared to play on smartphones, which have much less horsepower than PC, Xbox One, PS4, or even the Switch.