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Destiny 2 Masterwork Cores: How to Get Them

Destiny 2 Masterwork Cores and Weapons will breathe some new life into the title’s endgame with a new class of guns for players to grind for. Once you’ve hit the max Power level and find a good loadout, popping Legendary Engrams loses its allure. However, with Masterwork weapons, you’ll get just as excited when you see that burst of purple as you did when you first started playing Destiny 2. Below we’ve put together all the info you need on how to get Masterwork Cores in Destiny 2.

What are Masterwork Cores in Destiny 2?

Masterworks are technically just Legendary weapons. However, these have a few extra perks that make them highly desirable over your run of the mill Legendary guns in Destiny 2.

Masterwork weapons have three bonuses over conventional Legendary weapons. Destiny 2 Masterworks track your kill count, so every kill you get with a Masterwork will add to your tally. If you just want to show your PVP kills you can also switch them just to show enemies you’ve downed in the Crucible.

Destiny 2 Masterwork Weapons

You can also potentially use Masterworks to get a big boost in the Crucible. When you get multikills with one of these weapons, your fallen enemies will generate Orbs of Light. These Orbs help fill your super meter quicker in Destiny 2, which everyone knows is massively devastating when used right in the Crucible.

These new weapons also get a minor stat boost. Masterwork stat boosts are randomly selected from a pool of potential buffs. If you like the weapon you get but aren’t happy with the stat boost, you have the opportunity to reroll it if you want. To make your own Masterwork Weapons though, you’ll need Masterwork Cores.

How to Get Masterwork Core in Destiny 2?

To actually get Masterworks in Destiny 2 you’ll need to be at least Power level 250. Once you’ve gotten past that you’ll get the opportunity to start collecting Masterwork weapons.

As of right now, there are two ways to get Masterworks. You can either grind for Legendary Engrams, just like you always have, or use a Masterwork Core to convert an existing Legendary weapon into a Masterwork.

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When grinding for Legendary Engrams to get a Masterwork, some activities have more of a chance to drop them than others. Legendary Engrams you find doing raids or Trials of the Nine will be more likely to be Masterworks than those you find while doing Public Events.

To convert an existing Legendary weapon into a Masterwork, you’ll first have to collect at least one Masterwork weapon. Once you have one, make sure it’s a weapon you don’t want and then dismantle it. You’ll receive a Masterwork Core in addition to Gunsmith Parts that you can use to turn your non-Masterwork into a Masterwork.

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