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Pokemon Go Storage Increase: How Much is the Upgrade?

With the long-awaited introduction of Generation III Pokemon in Pokemon Go, players might be wondering if there are any storage upgrades. Previously with the introduction of the second generation, Niantic gave players more space so you can store all of the brand new Pokemon. With generation two, the most space you could have through purchasing more storage was 1000.

Is There a Pokemon Go Storage Increase?

Pokemon Go fans can rejoice, because there is thankfully a storage increase available for players. This upgrade is made available immediately with the implement of generation three Pokemon, allowing you to continue to catch all of the new Pokemon with ease without worrying about running out of space.

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How Much is the Pokemon Go Storage Upgrade?

The storage increase affects both players who are willing to pay real money and those who prefer not spending a dime on storage. For those that prefer not spending any money whatsoever on Pokemon Go storage, Niantic has graciously increased the storage for everyone for free. The new increase has added 50 new slots to everyone’s storage for absolutely free, giving you more space to expand your battle team and collect some of the great new generation three Pokemon.

If you are willing to part with some of your wallet, there are new storage upgrades available for purchase in the in-game Pokemon Go store. Like we mentioned above, the previous max slots you could have through purchasing upgrades was 1000. Similar to what happened with the introduction of generation two, that has now been increased by 500 to a new max of 1500 slots available through microtransactions.

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