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Destiny 2 Vex Fanatics: Where to Find Them

Tracking down Vex Fanatics in Destiny 2 can take some work. You’re mostly going to run into Goblins, Hobgoblins, and Minotaurs when you’re fighting against Vex hoards, and Fanatics aren’t guaranteed to show up. One of the quests in Destiny 2 requires you to kill 30 Vex Fanatics, which can be frustrating if you don’t know where to locate the elusive constructs.

We’ve got a few places in the game where you can find and farm Fanatics to your heart’s content. Read on below to find out more.

Where to Find Vex Fanatics in Destiny 2

You’ll rarely find Vex Fanatics in regular mobs in Destiny 2. These units are usually going to show up as members of a set piece battle like a public event, a Vex Lost Sector, a Strike, or a campaign mission. Even in the places where they appear though, it can be tough to find 30 Fanatics quickly, and you can still end up chasing your tail figuring out where they are.

Luckily there are a few places in Destiny 2 where you’ll find Vex Fanatics in droves. Unluckily, gaining access to these areas isn’t always possible, in which case you’ll have to head to an alternate region to farm Fanatics.

Where to Farm Vex Fanatics in Destiny 2

There are three missions you can access in Destiny 2 that will help you farm Vex Fanatics and kill 30 of them in no time. The best place to find them is to replay the campaign mission “Six” via Ikora’s Meditation. The quest takes place on Nessus and has you helping Cayde-6. During Six you’ll find yourself in a large chamber in which a massive amount of Vex Fanatics will spawn. You should be able to kill at least 30 of them here in one sitting.

Unfortunately, you can’t always depend on Ikora to have Six in her rotation. If that’s the case, you’ll need to choose an alternate quest to farm. Another decent place to find Fanatics at is The Inverted Spire Strike. When you get to the boss fight, you’ll face off against a lot of Vex Fanatics. They’re not quite as plentiful here as they are in the Six quest so you may have to hit this one twice to get 30.

Lastly, the Mercury Public Event is another good place to farm Vex Fanatics—though you’ll need the Curse of Osiris expansion to get there. One thing to note is that even though it’s Vex Finalizers, not Fanatics that spawn during the Mercury Heroic Public Event, they’ll still count towards your total.