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How to Make the Mass Effect 2 DLC Bundle From Origin Work on the Steam Version

The Mass Effect 2 DLC bundle is available on Origin, which means you can grab the extra content without having to deal with BioWare points. It’s easy enough to install if you have ME2 on Origin, but what about players who bought it on Steam? It turns out you can use the ME2 DLC bundle with the Steam version, albeit in a roundabout way. Below we’ll tell you what you need to do to use a Steam copy of Mass Effect 2 with the DLC bundle from Origin.

Can I Install the Mass Effect 2 DLC Bundle From Origin on the Steam Version?

Previously, you had to buy ME2 DLC with BioWare points. After purchase, you could download an installer, and you could point it to your Mass Effect 2 installation regardless of whether it was on Steam of Origin. With the new DLC bundle though, the installation is handled directly by the Origin client. There’s no downloading of individual files, it just updates ME2 with the DLC as if it’s installing a patch.

The ME2 DLC bundle isn’t available through Steam. So, if you bought the game via that storefront, it would seem like you’re out of luck if you want to take advantage of the lower price and convenience you get with the bundle. However, there is a way to use the Mass Effect 2 DLC bundle with a Steam copy. You just have to transfer the game to your Origin account.

How to Transfer Your Copy of Mass Effect 2 From Steam to Origin

Transferring a copy of Mass Effect 2 from Steam to Origin has been a feature that’s been available for a while. However, there was no real reason to do it before now unless you just really wanted to access the game through Origin. Now though, this feature proves its worth.

ME2 Steam

To start the transfer, log into Steam and highlight Mass Effect 2 on your list of game purchases. On the right side of the screen, you’ll see an option that says “CD Key.” Click on it, and a small window will open containing three CD keys. You need the one that says “Mass Effect 2: Digital Deluxe Game Key.” Copy that key to your clipboard and then open Origin.

ME2 Origin

Once you’re logged into Origin, you’ll need to click on “Origin” in the top menu bar and then click “Redeem Product Code.” Paste the CD Key from your Steam version of Mass Effect 2 in there, and the game will be added to your Origin account. You can then buy the Mass Effect 2 DLC bundle, and they will be attached to your newly transferred copy of ME2.