NBA Live 06 Xbox360 Cheats

Press Y at the Jersey Selection screen to enter Cheat mode.

Enter the following as codes to unlock these items:

JZ3CARTVY S. Carter 3 shoe
DRI239CZ49 Adidas A3 Garnett 3 shoe
258SHQW95B T-Mac black shoe
HGS83KP234P T-Mac 5 white shoe
RBKAIUSAB7 Unlocks The Answer
ZXDR7362Q1 Jordan Melo 5.5 shoe (white/maize)
5223WERPII Jordan Melo 5.5 shoe (white/blue)
144FVNHM35 Jordan XIV shoe (black/red)
743HFDRAU8 Jordan XIV shoe (white/red)
67YFH9839F Jordan XIV shoe (white/green)
2J9UWABNP1 West All-Star home uniform
39N56B679J West All-Star away uniform
234SDFGHMO East All-Star home uniform
XCVB5387EQ East All-Star away uniform
PSDF90PPJN 2005-2006 Pacer Away Uniform
SDF786WSHW 2005-2006 Pacer Home Uniform
JANTWIKBS6 Detroit Pistons alternate red uniform
XWETJK72FC Denver Nuggets alternate away uniform
193KSHU88J Boston Celtics alternate away uniform
654NNBFDWA Sacramento Kings alternate gold uniform.
9922NVDKVT Cleveland Cavaliers alternate away uniform

High Flying Dunk Moves:

Alley Oop to yourself Hold L + Y on a fast break.
Cockback Dunk Hold L + X
Leaning Tomahawk Dunk Hold L and tap A
One handed dunk Hold L and tap X
One Handed Windmill Hold L + A
Two Handed Windmill Hold L + Y
Two Handed Tomahawk Hold L and tap B
Various different dunks Hold L and tap Y
Lay up Hold L + B



How to Unlock
All-StarIn Season Mode, a player your team makes the All-Star team.
All-Star Difficulty Win (50)Beat a CPU opponent on All-Star Difficulty.
Best Regular Season Record (150)In Season Mode, have the best record at the end of regular season.
Clinched PlayoffsIn Season Mode, your team makes the playoffs.
Coach of the Year (100)In Season Mode, the coach of your team wins the Coach of the Year award.
Most Valuable Player (150)In Season Mode, a player from your team wins the MVP award.
NBA Champions (200)Win the NBA Championship in Season Mode.
NBA LIVE 06 Created PlayerCreate a player in NBA Live 06.
Online WinWin a game against an online opponent.
Rookie Difficulty Win (10)Beat a CPU opponent on Rookie Difficulty.
Starter Difficulty Win (30)Beat a CPU opponent on Starter Difficulty.
Superstar Difficulty Win (75)Beat a CPU opponent on Superstar Difficulty.

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