Peter Jackson’s King Kong,King Kong GameCube Cheats

Cheat Mode:

Hold L + R and press Down, X, Up, Y, Down, Down, Up, Up at the main menu. Release L + R and a "Cheat" option will appear at the main menu. Select the "Cheat" option, then enter one of these codes.

God mode:

Enter 8wonder as a code.

Level select:

Enter KKst0ry as a code. Note the o is a number "0".

One-hit kills:

Enter GrosBras as a code.

999 ammunition:

Enter KK 999 mun as a code.

Unlimited spears:

Enter lance 1nf as a code. Note the number "1" in the second word.


Enter KKtigun as a code.


Enter KKsh0tgun as a code. Note the o is a number "0".

Sniper rifle:

Enter KKsn1per as a code. Note the i is a number "1".

Machine gun:

Enter KKcapone as a code.

Bonuses completed:

Enter KKmuseum as a code.

Unlock Artwork Gallery:

Beat the game.

Thanks to Revolution readers Momthra and monkeyman!

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