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PUBG Fatal Error Xbox One Explained: Lobby Problems, Server Disconnection, and More

PUBG players on the Xbox One have been receiving an ominous-sounding “Fatal Error” message, with them unable to access its servers or form a lobby with their friends.

The error popped up yesterday, with it limited to the Xbox One version of the game. Similarly, some Fortnite Battle Royale players had reported online issues with the game, though these problems weren’t coincidental.

While many took to Twitter to request a response from PUBG‘s development team, the issue was actually on Microsoft’s end, with Xbox Live experiencing problems that were solely affecting the two games.

PUBG Fatal Error Xbox One

According to the Xbox Live Support page, which details which Xbox Live services are working and which services may be experiencing some downtime, both PUBG and Fortnite Battle Royale had limited service yesterday. These issues also stretched to purchase and content usage on Xbox Live, along with its social and gaming features.

Thankfully, Xbox Live support now indicates that all services are up and running as per usual, so those who were experiencing problems with PUBG and Fortnite Battle Royale yesterday should hopefully be able to jump back into the games.

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