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Destiny 2 Error Code Stingray Explained: How to Fix the Destiny 2 Error Code Stingray

The Destiny error code Stingray is affecting a lot of players right now in the game. As such, it can become frustrating attempting to jump into the game and only find this error message waiting for you. With a new weekly reset, you have plenty of reasons to see what’s new for the week and starting working towards those engrams alongside your clan.

Unfortunately, the Destiny error code Stingray is the only thing standing in your and your clan’s way. Thankfully, we know what this error code means and why you are receiving it right now. Better yet, we have a quick fix that will let you get your game up and running again.

Destiny Error Code Stingray Explained

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There are a few possible reasons why you are receiving the Destiny error code Stingray right now. The first, of which, is if there is still maintenance going on in the game. As of publishing, the game is currently able to be played, as the weekly reset has already occurred. You can check the status of the game anytime by going here.

If that isn’t the problem for you, there are a few more potential causes. You can receive the Destiny error code Stingray if your specific platform of choice is undergoing maintenance or any issues. This includes PSN issues on PS4, Xbox Live problems on Xbox One, and Blizzard issues on PC. Here’s some fixes in this case.

How to Fix the Destiny Error Code Stingray

If you have checked and the game servers are up and running, you can also fix the Destiny error code Stingray by checking the status of the servers for your platform. If you are playing on PS4, check the status of PSN by going here. If you’re on Xbox, use this link. Finally, if you’re on PC, check out the status of Blizzard’s online services here. If everything checks out but you’re still getting the error, you need to submit a support ticket for the game here.