Fortnite Server Shutdown and Matchmaking Disabled: When Will the Servers be Back up for Battle Royale?

If you’re experiencing problems with matchmaking being disabled in Fortnite, you’re not alone. There is currently a Fortnite server shutdown, and there’s no ETA on when they’ll be back up. Epic Games has confirmed that they are working on getting the servers back up, and this is a planned outage.

When Will the Fortnite Server Shutdown be Over?

It’s hard to say precisely how long Fortnite will be down. Fans wanting to jump into Battle Royale are understandably frustrated, but Epic brought the servers down to implement a new patch, so at least there’ll be new content when the Fortnite servers come back up.

How do I Fix Fortnite Matchmaking Disabled Error?

If you’re trying to connect to Fortnite or Battle Royale right now, you’re likely getting an error telling you that matchmaking is disabled. However, if you try later on and the error persists, there might be an issue on your end.

The first thing you should do to clear up the matchmaking disabled error is to check if the servers are up. The Fortnite official Twitter is an excellent place to start as it will typically have info on any planned server outages. If you don’t see anything on there, you can check a site that tracks game servers being down like Outage Report.

If you don’t see any reports of Fortnite being offline, you’ll want to check your network settings. Think back to if you’ve made any changes to your home network lately, like a new router. If you’re trying to play on a new system make sure that your connection settings are correct as well.

If you still can’t connect after trying to diagnose the problem, your network may be blocking your connection to Epic Games’ servers. In this case, you’ll need to contact customer support for info on which ports you need to forward to allow a connection to the Fortnite servers.