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Monster Hunter World Nergigante Weakness: How to Defeat the Dragon

In the Monster Hunter World beta, your most significant challenge will be facing off against Nergigante. Figuring out Nergigante’s weakness is the key to defeating it, but it can be tough to do when you’ve got a giant, deathly dragon in front of you. Below we’ll list the Nergigante weakness in Monster Hunter World and the best strategies and tips to beat it.

Where to Find Nergigante in Monster Hunter World

You’ll know it’s time to go fight Nergigante when you get the quest “The Insatiable Nergigante.” This mission will take you out to the Wildspire Waste which is a vast desert punctuated with sand dunes and muddy swampland.

Because of the two radically different ecosystems in Wildspire Waste, you’ll see creatures who take advantage of both. The top of the food chain is held by the large Diablos which burrow underground and can attack without much warning.

You’ll also find Nergigante here, and it will become hostile immediately once you enter medium range.

What is the Nergigante Weakness in Monster Hunter World?

Nergigante is one of the more massive monsters you’ll find in Monster Hunter World, so its weak spot is in a somewhat odd place. The best place to attack Nergigante from is its belly and back legs. In the beta, Nergigante does a lot of damage but doesn’t have a ton of health, so if you can just withstand or avoid its attacks, you’ll be able to take it down fairly quickly.

One thing you can do to reduce Nergigante’s ability to attack is to break off the spikes on his arm. You can do this by either baiting him to do a dive bomb, in which he’ll break his own spikes or by attacking them directly. When the spikes are black and hardened they take a lot of damage to break, and they cause attacks to bounce off. You’ll want to use Mind’s Eye to prevent bounces.

Once Nergigante gets weak, it’ll start limping, and you’ll know he’s about dead. Make sure to keep breaking its spikes off as they grow back before they can harden. The fight will take about 15 minutes if everything goes well and you’ll get a pack of consumables if you beat it.