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Dragon Ball FighterZ Unlock Android 21 Guide

Dragon Ball FighterZ‘s Android 21 is the game’s main antagonist, with her driving the plot of its story campaign. She’s also the most difficult character in the game to unlock.

A Majin-esque combatant, Android 21 is unique in that in addition to her own moveset she can also mimic the abilities of her opponents. She’s also the lone original character featured in the game, with every other hero and villain in Dragon Ball FighterZ‘s roster either being featured in the anime series or its spin-off movies.

As a result, Android 21 is an oddity for Dragon Ball fans and a character that players are understandably eager to get their hands on. So how do you unlock her?

How to Unlock Android 21 in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Android 21 is one of three fighters locked away from players from the outset, with the other 21 fighters being available to play from the get-go. Though unlocking her isn’t too difficult, you’re still going to need to invest time into the game before she makes her way onto your roster.

In order to unlock Android 21, you’re going to need to play through Dragon Ball FighterZ’s story. This story contains three chapter, but to add her to your roster you’ll need to complete the third and final chapter, the Android 21 Arc.

This is the most difficult story chapter, though beating it is very manageable if you know what you’re doing. Get some practice in, make sure you understand your Z Reflects from your Super Dashes, and Android 21 will be added to your line-up before you know it.